Cambridge tops UK universities in QS World Rankings

Cam dropped to fourth overall globally

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Are you surprised?

Freshers can start at Cambridge next month knowing they are attending the best university in the UK and 4th best in the World according to the QS World Rankings.

Cambridge University has been named the top UK university in the QS World Rankings released today.

Cambridge came 4th overall, behind American powerhouses MIT, Stanford and Harvard respectively. Cam came 2nd to Harvard in the Academic Reputation category, and 3rd behind Harvard and Oxford in the Employer Reputation Stakes.

The many hours here have paid off

That was the high point for the upstarts over at the Other Place, however, as they came 6th overall, behind Cambridge once again in what is another blow to the Old Enemy after Cambridge’s Men’s Boat Race demolition in March.

Close, but no cigar

Inter-University rankings tables such as the QS World Rankings are likely to become more important in the Cantab gloating stakes after the abolition of the Tompkins Table earlier this year.  The Tompkins Table ranked academic results by College and was topped by Trinity consistently for the past 5 years before falling victim to the campaign against the public display of class lists, upon which the table was based.

The full QS rankings, which can be accessed here, had a number of other UK universities in the top 20, with UCL 7th, Imperial College London 9th, and Edinburgh 19th. King’s College London narrowly missed out on a top 20 place, coming a respectable 21st.

Durham came 74th.