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Joseph Spencer
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EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson was Trump Dossier Spy’s Opposite Number at the Oxford Union

The Foreign Secretary was Oxford Union President at the same time

Patronising notes for freshers

So you can appreciate or denigrate more fairly.

Tit Hall in Uproar as Accommodation Block goes unfinished

Shit Hall goes Tits Up

This test can tell you if you’re a psychopath

The fact you’re taking it probably means you are

Is Facebook evil?

All those wows might not be so harmless

A Cambridge student has listed the weirdest laws still in force in the UK

It’s illegal to be drunk in a pub

I caught meningitis in the first weeks of term and it nearly killed me

Jemma had emergency brain surgery to save her life

London has been ranked the best city in the world for graduate opportunities

There’s hope in spite of Brexit

A Victorian guide for freshers shows wine and sex have always been top of the agenda

Party like it’s 1893

Almost every university is raising fees to higher than £9,000

Only two unis are holding back

Cambridge tops UK universities in QS World Rankings

Cam dropped to fourth overall globally

QUB ranked in the Top 200 universities in the world

Gwarn Queen’s

Newcastle comes in Top 200 unis worldwide

We beat the Sorbonne in Paris

Cardiff comes in top 150 universities in the world

We beat fellow Russell Groupers Liverpool, Bath and Exeter

Sheffield stays in the Top 100 world universities

The QS World Rankings are out and Sheffield came 84th

Durham is ranked in the top 100 unis worldwide AGAIN

Durham comes in at 74th in the 2017 global rankings

Bristol ranked in the top 50 unis in the world

We scored nearly 95 employer reputation

Sainsbury’s have removed ‘Taste the Difference’ sandwiches from their meal deal

Everybody panic

The mysterious case of the disappearing Wyverns Garden Party

The Wyverns Garden Party has been quietly allowed to not go ahead

Assault on Parker’s Piece last night at 10.30pm

Two men have been arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH)

REVIEW: Judge Judy’s Buzz World

Joseph Spencer is confused by this year’s Footlights Harry Porter Prize winner

BREAKING: APOCALYPSE TOWN- Power Cut across Central Cambridge

Sainsburys, Van of Life, Trinity Accommodation and swathes of the town centre are powerless

BREAKING: Student set on fire at Jesus Green

An Air Ambulance was called to Jesus Green this afternoon

Jesus crushes freedom of speech

Jesus College are cracking down on the well-known maker of ‘CAFF’ and documentary-making in general

Cambridge tops the University rankings yet again

Are you surprised?

REVIEW: When You Improv On A Star-An Improvised Disney Musical

The Cambridge Impronauts have produced an Exam Term crowd-pleaser, says Joseph Spencer.

Give the people their columnists

Hipsterish affectations, a foodie fantasist, a boatie, a grumpy hack and a Bristolian Engling will take you through Easter 2016.

LIVE: The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races

We’re braving the elements to bring you the action from this year’s rather blustery Oxford and Cambridge Boat Races.

Everything you need to know to watch the Boat Races

How to get to the riverbank, where to watch, and who is going to win (Cambridge, obviously)

Could you be the face of Tab TV?

The fast track to BNOC status

If this year has taught us anything, it’s that CUSU elections can actually matter

Cast your minds back to the heady days of Lent 2015

The Murder of Giulio Regeni should shock Cambridge students

The harsh realities of Middle Eastern dictatorships have inserted themselves into the Cambridge community in brutal fashion

Tab Tries: Rugby

Cambridge is probably the only time in our lives we’ll have even the most daunting extracurriculars subsidised and on our doorstep

It’s time I admitted to myself that I’m addicted to my iPhone

The struggle is real, and I’m sure I’m not alone

JOSEPH SPENCER, WEEK 1: Why stop at Rhodes?

Cambridge is littered with suspect statues, portraits, and memorials

Send the No-Platformers a big, democratic middle finger

You may not like Julian Assange, but that does not mean he doesn’t deserve a platform