tompkins table

Trinity tops it again: Tompkins Table 2017

Where did your college come?

It’s humiliating that we’ve waited so long to abolish class lists

Let’s end the inequality colleges face through grade-shaming. Heck, we may even enjoy our degrees again

Cambridge tops UK universities in QS World Rankings

Cam dropped to fourth overall globally

EXCLUSIVE: Trinity supervisor says stopping class lists would be ‘a victory for mediocrity’

“And Cambridge, above all, is supposed to be non-mediocre”



Save the Class List submits petition to trigger ANOTHER referendum

A petition to save the class lists with over 500 signatories was submitted to CUSU, 150 above the minimum number needed to trigger a referendum.

EXCLUSIVE: It’s democracy gone mad as students push for ANOTHER referendum – this time on class lists

Some students BOOED at Senate House when it was announced that the public reading of maths results was to be discontinued – and now a petition has been launched by students angry at the proposed abolition of class lists.

University plan to say GOODBYE to public class lists

The dreaded fear of your classmates knowing just how much you bombed your exams may be over.

The People’s Republic speaks: where’s your sense of camaraderie?

Don’t blame CUSU for not publishing your Marx…

“I have to express amusement”: Tompkins bemused by CUSU’s War on Table

We spoke to Peter Tompkins of Tompkins Table fame.

Abolishing the Tompkins Table is just celebrating mediocrity

CUSU’s idiotic proposal represents a dangerous tendency to move away from celebrating excellence – and towards equalising the results of students.

Tompkins Table 2014: Trinity Triumphs, Catz Fucks Up

The Results are in! Trinity turns up trumps again, but there are a few juicy surprises…

Trinity Tops Tompkins Table

Trinity top the Tompkins table, as Tit Hall achieve their highest position in the last 24 years and Peterhouse drop 11 places.

Revealed: The Tabkins Table

In the first Tab Investigation this term, GEMMA OKE uncovers the truth about whether how you spend your spare time really affects your exams.

Clever Emma Top Tompkins As John’s Fall

Emma have topped the 2010 Tompkins table, as Churchill rise to an unexpected third and John’s fall into the bottom ten.