Which is Cambridge’s most notorious drinking society?

We want you, cherished readers, to help us choose.

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That’s right, the Tab want your help dear readers as we try and establish which of Cambridge’s drinking societies; good, bad, ugly, male, female, or mixed is the most notorious in Cambridge, just in time for May Week Sunday.  

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Love ’em or hate ’em, everyone has an opinion on one of Cambridge’s recurring hot topics, drinking societies. From freshers catching fire on Caesarian Sunday to displays of Cambridge’s finest misogyny, we’re continually surprised by their inventiveness.

Nobody is going to be embarrased about any of this in the morning

Are you in a drinking society?

Tell us why you’re simultaneously the most notorious of them all while not fulfilling any of the stereotypes.

The Pitt Club: Women welcome! (during the day)

Do you know someone in a drinking society but are not enough of a lass/lad yourself to be in it?

Nominate them and share all the stories they wish you’d never heard. They might act like they hate you for it but they’ll secretly love the notoriety.

Churchill has a really cool drinking society called the Bulldogs – they sent this in for Best Bums 2015

Once we’ve got the nominations we’ll select a shortlist in a highly-scientific and calibrated process and put it to a vote of the thousands of eager Cantabs who are desperate to escape the horrors of revision.

They look often like an innocuous group with matching stash (Image Credit: Jack Benda)

If you hate Google docs, email: [email protected] with:

a) Their name

b) Their college

c) Whether they’re male, female or mixed

d) Any notorious stories about them – think initiations, swaps, weird traditions or famous alumni

Image Credit: Jack Benda