What your Cambridge cafe says about you

Let’s be honest, you’re mostly here for the Instagram potential.

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Trockel, Ulmann und Freunde

Many people who go in here are middle aged, ex-Cambridge students who want to taste their old student years and think that it might be somewhere hidden in a pastrami sandwich. It’s not, it is in Cindies at about two PM on a Wednesday after a bottle of Vodka, but people are rather happy in playing along. You’ll also find stressed students too lazy to venture much further, but are lured in via cheap lunch deals. An Arts student is a rare spot, though, and they probably will think the name sounds more like a fashion line or candle shop, than a cafe.

Do take note: It has German name is for no apparent reason. It’s not full of Frankfurters and Strudel sadly, and there is no one yodelling. But it does admittedly feel like an Apres Ski bar.