The ultimate Cambridge café guide

“Giveth the people their avocado toast with chilli flakes”, as the Lord so famously proclaimed

How to be a Cambridge tourist this weekend

A weekend of punting and Chelsea buns

Best brunch spots in Cambridge

Bill’s equals basic now. Try harder.

Cambridge Coffee Guide

The definitive guide to the best coffees in Cambridge, for any occasion.

What your Cambridge cafe says about you

Let’s be honest, you’re mostly here for the Instagram potential.

The Sconnoisseur Strikes

MAYA HAMBRO checks out Bill’s, Fitzbillies and Harriet’s to find the best scones in Cambridge.

The Tab Talks to Fitzbillies

BETH SWORDS talks to the Tim Hayward, the owner of Fitzbillies, about very sticky buns.

Local and Delicious: Tom’s Cakes

LEAF ARBUTHNOT tucks into some of Cambridge’s tasty hidden secrets…

Holly’s Highlights: Week 0

Fancy doing something cultural to balance out your Freshers’ Week binge? Check out Culture Editor HOLLY STEVENSON’s guide to what’s on this week.

Chelsea Bunanza as Fitzbillies Finally Returns

Fitzbillies reopens its doors today for a Chelsea Bun Weekend, after a long absence from Cambridge life.

The Buns Are (Almost) Back In Town

Fitzbillies will reopen this summer, good as ever, with Guardian food writer Tim Hayward and his partner at the helm of the good ship bun.

Let Them Eat Cake

Fitzbillies’ closure may soon be coming to an end…

It’s The News!

Want to read some award winning satire? Private Eye is only £1.50, you know.

Best Comments: Week Four

Curious as to how Bambi spawned the idea of MILF? Look no further than this week’s best comments…

‘Billies Bake Final Buns

The cake shop praised by The Telegraph in 1995 for “its stickyissimus Chelsea bun” has shut, to be vandalised only days later.

Kebab-ing a Laugh: Take Pitta On Us, Say Grimy Gardies

Cambridge has been rocked with the news that some of its best restaurants have been slammed in a recent council crackdown.

Why Not Review: Libraries

The Tab recommends where to get down and dirty, with a leaking ink pen and a pile of books.