A fresher’s guide to every single thing you’ll make in your gyp this year

Everything you will *actually* make this term

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Things aren’t ‘Kicking Toff’ – why the Daily Mail has C-Sunday wrong

‘Trollied’? The Daily Mail needs to grow up

How to keep sane at Cambridge

Nolite te Bastardes Carborundorum

The weirdest trend pieces this season

Who buys these things?

Is diversity in fashion possible?

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Cambridge Best Dressed: In the Rain

It might be wet outside, but these outfits are still fire

Small ways to make Cambridge term happier

Every little helps

Undercover: Science students

We did science so you don’t have to.

What your Cambridge cafe says about you

Let’s be honest, you’re mostly here for the Instagram potential.

DVF dazzles the Union in an intimate affair

They don’t make people like Diane von Furstenberg anymore.

Review: Rocking Raw Chef

Sarah and Phoebe go vegan for one evening at a trendy new pop-up restaurant

SoundCloud Society #1

Albums are dead and Shuffle is soulless – let us put you in the mix.

lifestylecamtab: The best of Cambridge Snapoween

We did well this Halloween. Pats on the back all round.

Ploy vs. Phoebe: Charity shop special

We decided to check how far £20 goes in Cambridge charity shops. SPOILER: Not v far.

Turn your cramped student room into an autumnal haven

Autumn is here. Let the outside in and autumnify your bedsit. Style guru TIM ATKIN teaches you a lesson or two

End exams in three simple baths

Sick of spending more in Lush than you do in the buttery? Let BEN DALTON sink you down into a pool of homemade delights…

Tab Tries: Meatatarianism

BETH SWORDS hits the meat for a week. It’s tough.

Flower Power

Need to give your room that wow factor? LEAF ARBUTHNOT suggests the best in potted plants

Binge Eating: My Experience

Binge eating is one of the lesser talked about eating disorders, yet can be equally as destructive…