Caesarian Sunday: The Playlist

Get pumped (hopefully not your stomach) with these tunes.

Cambridge ceasarian Green jesus Music playlist sunday

Arguably the best day (not that you’ll remember it) of the Cambridge year is here. Get hyped.

All My Friends // Snakeships

All my friends are wasted. Of course they will be. Let’s hope you are too. P.S, Snakeships are headlining Newnham’s June Event as well as performing at Strawberries and Creem festival this summer – be there!

Born Slippy // Underworld

Hype hype hype. As the chorus screams ‘shouting larger larger larger larger’, maybe you will be too.

Bank Holiday // Blur

‘Bank holiday comes with a six pack of beer, but then it’s back to work A.G.A.I.N.’ This is all too real. Not only is it a bank holiday, but at some point we will all have to go back to (or start) revision too. Except for those lucky prelim-ers, damn you.

LCD Soundsystem // Drunk Girls

Go girls, don’t take shit from those drunk boys.

Turn Down For What // DJ Snake

Another round of shots? Yeah, why should we turn down? Maybe because we’re at Cambridge and actually need to do work sometime… or maybe because you’ve passed out, probably more likely.

Breathe // The Prodigy

‘Breathe with me….exhale, inhale’ – that’s what your friends/the paramedic will be instructing you to do when you’re passed out at 1pm on Jesus Green.

Drinking From The Bottle // Calvin Harris

Classic. But let’s face it, tonight, you are drinking from the bottle. Unless you take your 10 piece fine dining set.

Sunday Sun // The Cinematics

Well let’s just hope it’s sunny

Rebel Rebel // David Bowie

This one is for all of you revolters who received emails from tutors instructing you to ‘be careful’ on Sunday.

Blue Monday // New Order

It’s highly likely to be a blue, hungover Monday, unfortunately. Or maybe even a green,  chundery Monday if you’re really unlucky. But it was worth it, right?

Go wild.

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