Jesus crushes freedom of speech

Jesus College are cracking down on the well-known maker of ‘CAFF’ and documentary-making in general

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Jesus College hauled in CAFF documentary-maker Ron Mulvey for a stern meeting.

‘Caff: An Inconvenient Truth’ was a student-made documentary that took a satirical look at the issue of high cafeteria prices in Jesus College. CUSU President-Elect Amatey Doku made a cameo appearance in his capacity as Jesus JCR President.

The documentary initially appeared to be have prompted concessions from College, with the announcement at the end of last term that the so-called ‘Ketchup Tax’-a 20p charge for a squirt of ketchup-had been abolished, and the introduction of a cheaper main course option.

However, officials at Jesus College now appear to be taking measures both against the director of the film and to ensure there can be no repeat of a video protest like it.

Sources within Jesus have informed the Tab that it is common knowledge amongst Jesus students that a College official summoned Mulvey to a meeting on Wednesday morning.

Amatey Doku shields Mr. Mulvey from the Paparazzi as he leaves the meeting in question

At this meeting the College official attempted get Mulvey to :

  • Write a formal letter of apology
  • Attend a meeting with the Manciple (a sort of Head of Catering)
  • College officials are also looking at changing College regulations to restrict filming in College, in order to avoid a repeat of the protest documentary.

This is what a Manciple looks like

Ron Mulvey declined to comment when contacted.

Jesus College have been contacted for comment.

Quite how Jesus College plan to stop people filming in College during the smartphone era is not clear.