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Munroe Bergdorf talks about oppression, intersectionality and speaking out

‘If I monitor everything I say it would be watering down what I mean’

Jonathan Pie’s speech was rape-apologist drivel

CN: rape, sexual assault

Jonathan Pie comedian gives rape joke speech at Cambridge Union

Students claim Tom Walker trivialised sexual assault in shocking Union debate

Katie Hopkins Union appearance attracts bizarre disco demonstration

Protestors were seen dancing to 80s disco in garish clothes

Why we invited Katie Hopkins to speak at The Cambridge Union

It’s all about free debate

A very Cambridge Christmas message from The Tab

Fa la la la la

Dear Cambridge: Don’t leave the NUS, it’s a magnificent institution

Remember everything it’s achieved

Jesus crushes freedom of speech

Jesus College are cracking down on the well-known maker of ‘CAFF’ and documentary-making in general

Finn McRedmond Week 6 TW: Opinions

Content Note: David Cameron, other totally innocuous things

Apache massacre, the BBC and rape allegations: Julian Assange at the Cambridge Union

His speech was titled “Challenges to freedom of speech in the West”.

Yale students should deal with debate, not yell it down

The scariest thing about Halloween at Yale was apparently freedom of speech.

UNION VOTE: Assange WILL speak at Union after tense debate and withering comments from Wikileaks supporters

The lines are closed, the votes are counted

Send the No-Platformers a big, democratic middle finger

You may not like Julian Assange, but that does not mean he doesn’t deserve a platform

POLL: Should the Union host Julian Assange?

Do let us know

The Bicentenary Debate is self-indulgent, elitist and stupid

It’s still an old boys’ club – and you’re not invited

Why I’ll be watching Germaine Greer at the Union

Despite the fact she’s transphobic, we should still listen to what she has to say

Cambridge PEN Launch

MAGGIE BRIDGE is intrigued by Cambridge PEN’s launch

The Fight Against Fascism

TOMMY SHANE explains why he we need to stop vilifying the people that protested against Le Pen.

Le Pen Protest Planned

Students are once again outraged at The Union’s controversial choice of speaker.

Old White Men

TOMMY SHANE thinks the recent controversy over Assange at The Union is masking some bigger problems.