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The Cambridge Tab is recruiting for Lent 2016. We want freshers. We want old hands.

Why get involved?

  • The most enjoyable work experience you’ll ever do
  • The gossip-filled dinners + Cambridge’s best journalism socials
  • The high concentration of opinionated people
  • Free Tab mug + t-shirt + drinks GUARANTEED

Most narcissistic of all, you can be part of history. Since 2009, the Cambridge Tab has conquered the struggling student papers of Britain’s unis, infiltrated the US and even pissed off Fox News.

Hey, we even do the occasional print edition from time to time #dignity

Fancy putting “the world’s most-read student newspaper”* on your CV?

If you be keen (be keen) or want more information, email James Wells and Xavier Bisits at [email protected] with your applications by 11pm on Saturday 28th November. Interviews will take place on Sunday 29th November.

Follow these five easy steps:

  1. Send us an email with your desired section in the subject line. See sections below.
  2. Tell your name, college, subject, year and phone number.
  3. Attach or link something you’ve written. Doesn’t have to be for us.
  4. If you have a CV, attach it. If you don’t, it’s fine. We’re just interested in how you’ve been able to demonstrate organisation in other extracurriculars.
  5. Answer these questions briefly.
    1. What’s your vision for this section?
    2. What are your favourite and least favourite things about The Tab?
    3. Why should we choose you?
    4. What would you do to get writers to write for you? (no need to answer this if you are applying to be a columnist)

You too can be as famous as these alumni.

These are the positions you can apply for in each of the sections:

News Editor + Deputy News Editor

If you have a nose for stories, like being in the loop and are attuned to college gossip, news is for you. You’ll manage a team of reporters, to make sure we get out bigger and better stories faster than our competition.

Chief News Reporter

We need someone on hand to send to big events – think protests, CUSU Council, crime scenes. We need a quick writer with an Insatiable Desire for Truth.

Investigations Editor

You’ll work in close collaboration with the News Editor to do longer-term, big-hitting stories – ones that will potentially go national. Involves lots of digging. Be prepared to make FOIs.

Features Editors (2) + Deputy Features Editor

This is the inane Tab we all love. It’s immature, but funny, without simply being crude. Whether it’s Cambridge’s Most Eligible Bachelors or These medieval paintings sum up Cambridge life in a way nothing else ever could – you’re looking at an art form.

You need to be good at taking the piss out of Cambridge life. Features Editor needs to draw up a list of commissions weekly and edit/transform the articles we’re sent into consistent, quality artwork.

Debate Editors (2)

Do you get really annoyed about the largely entirely inconsequential views of other jumped-up Cantabs? Do you sometimes find yourself arguing with signposts? Do you get a kick out of receiving often personal, always militant, anonymous comments written in (usually puzzlingly poor) English?

Then apply as Debate Editor. Get your fix, addict.

Lifestyle and Fashion Editor + Deputy Lifestyle and Fashion Editor

Section-wise, this is the fourth of the biggies. Lifestyle is fashion and fashion is lifestyle – in print newspapers, they get a whole magazine. Whether it’s a free meal at Cambridge’s trendiest new eatery (see the Aromi review from the other week for mouthwatering inspiration) or having a clothes-based excuse to make friends with (and photograph) people in lectures, lifestyle and fashion have plenty of perks. They give you free rein to snap, quiz and get under the skin of Cantabs and Cambridge life.

Interviews Editor

Do you enjoy the idea of pissing off celebrities? Do you like interviewing Big Names at the Union? Do you like Vox Pops?

Music Editor

Everyone listens to music. But 9/10 people just listen to shit. You can change that.

Sport Editor

So much more can be done with Cambridge sport. Even Bluebird can’t do it all.

Theatre Editor

No previews, just reviews. The Tab tries to review all Cambridge theatre. This role is a great chance to develop your reviewing skills and get free tickets to basically everything there is in Cam.

Weekly Columnists

Write whatever you want every week for an entire term on a platform that everyone reads. You don’t have to edit other people’s stuff, you literally just write. Commitment is key.

Social media manager

The Tab needs a social media manager to look after our Facebook page, along with the senior editors, as well as work on our Snapchat and Twitter presence.

Trust us, you’ll have an amazing term. All you need to do is apply to [email protected] by 11.00pm on Saturday. We’ll email interview times a few hours later.

*Okay so we’re not entirely sure. But we haven’t heard of anything bigger.