These medieval paintings sum up Cambridge life in a way nothing else ever could

It’s like they knew…

Cambridge Cindies Clubbing Life Medieval paintings predrinks supervision

Have you ever thought that medieval paintings speak to you on a deeper level than 21st century art forms ever could?

That they are so startlingly reflective of every thought and emotion that makes up the full spectrum of human experience? That they, and only they, really truly get you?

If you have never thought any of the above, you are among a significant majority.

This article will change that. Prepare to be a part of the glorious minority.

1) Shamefully handing in holiday work that you and your supervisor both know to be sub-par

2) When some you spot the crafty dork in the library who took out the last copy of that book you need

3) When the lights come on at the end of a sweaty night in Life and you see who’s been nibbling your ear

4) When your shlecturer didn’t hand out lecture notes because they cba

5) When you spot your library crush and finally pluck up the courage to try dropping hints like…

6)… and feeling the inevitable rejection after your library crush doesn’t return the next day

7) Leaving the club having donned the fuck out of Wednesday Cindies, thirstier than a Girton Admissions Officer fishing through the pool, when you realise you’re too late for the Christian Union handing out water.

8) When one of your supervision partners is begging for forgiveness, and you take the opportunity to suck up to your supervisor by acting embarrassed at their major fuck up.

9) When Girtonians book out a badass minicab to venture into town for a filthy club sesh

10) When your bedder walks in without knocking, but its cool because you know you’re on point

11) How fab you feel when you sample your new gown as a fresher

12) When your supervisor is full on dissing your latest essay and you just gotta smile like…

13) Parents: “How’s term going?”

You: “Fine…”

14) Regretting applying for college parent when you realise that you are chained to your inevitably nothingy college kids, who incessantly cling onto you even though they know you think they’re shit.

15) When your genius supervision partner is dropping some jolly good improv arguments and you just have to copy them word-for-word on the sly, they’re just that dank.

16) Turning up to a shit themed swap and both squads picked the same get up

17) That awkward stare-off you have with the librarian when you get caught with all the contraband snacks  you’ve smuggled in over exam term

18) When the course-don gets their work out in the lib and you all flock like

19) When you find out bae goes to John’s

20) If your supervisor could see you writing your exam

21) When some lame boffin tries to correct your lecturer but fucking fucks the fuck up and gets it wrong themselves. Twat.

22) When squad is fucking trollied after a sick night out and you have to convince the porter to let you through the plodge

23) When you discuss supervision work with your “mate” before heading in and the sly prick steals all your mint-ass points to score with the supervisor, leaving you with nothing

24) The confusion and hurt you feel when there are no more hash browns at brunch

25) When you’re in a group revision sesh and you are just so done because everything has turned to shit

26) When some dumb randos nick your library crew’s usual spot and you’re contemplating how much of the fuck you should kick out of them

27) When you’ve got an essay overdue and your previously reclusive neighbour has invited all of college over and is hosting the most buzzing pres since the last supper

28) When you read another shit and unoriginal Tab article xox