So you really want a love affair with your supervisor?

When you want far more than the reading list…

Best places to have a breakdown in Cambridge

Cry, cry and cry some more

A recipe for the perfect winter soupervision

Ready, Steady, Cook (then cry)

A Week in Crisis: The First Essay

Week Five Blues? More like Week Twos.

In defence of not going to lectures

It’s not because I’m lazy.

These medieval paintings sum up Cambridge life in a way nothing else ever could

It’s like they knew…

Tab Tries: predrinking a supervision

It went as well as it sounds like it would

Episode 2: The Supervision

The Sunday Serial continues as we join Anna in her first supervision of term. This one’s about tragedy

Diary of a Reluctant Virgin: Week 7

ELLIE SLEE faces mortification at Marriage formal, and things only get worse when all her pants go missing…

Why I’d rather be happy than rich

In pursuit of that six figure salary? Unlikely lawyer ROBERT EYERS thinks you need to sort your life out.

Tab Tries: Orbital Physics

Engling by name and actor by nature, ROBBIE AIRD sits in on a NatSci supervision and lives to tell the tale

The Hanging Christian – Episode 2

In Episode 2 of the new Sunday Serial, our plucky heroine is very late for a very bizarre supervision…

Secret Supervisor: How to avoid getting tossed in the toff tank and other helpful hints

Our Secret Supervisor gives some frank advice for this years’ fresh meat.

TabTV’s ‘The Supervision’

An exclusive look at the inner workings of an English Fresher on Supervision Day.

Graduates in Cambridge: The Forgotten 20%?

Grad writer TAN WESTON-STREHLER gives us an exclusive insight into postgraduate student life in Cambridge…

Outsider In Cambridge

It’s only when our family come to visit that we realise just how strange Cambridge is, says MOLLIE WINTLE…

Drugged up Cambridge?

Pass the opium? Performance-enhancing drugs might just do the trick in the stressful Cambridge experience.

Cambridge – Give Us A Break!

There’s no denying that Cambridge is a wonderful experience, but sometimes it would be nice to have time to appreciate it.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN is no longer a fresher. But he’s had an amazing first year.

Jailbreak: The How To Guide

LOTTIE UNWIN, who came 4th making it all the way to Egypt for a weekend of shisha, sun and no sleep, shares her tips on making the most out of Jailbreak.