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Newnham’s new Dames: Mary Beard and Emma Thompson recognised in Queen’s Birthday Honours

Four Newnham alumni in total have just been made dames

The end of the Adonians? Peterhouse to cease hosting infamous society during term

Has the (not so) “secret” gay dining society at which fellows and old boys wine and dine male undergraduates finally been shunned by its long-standing host?

More May Ball Madness: John’s auction two double-tickets for over ONE THOUSAND POUNDS

May Ball season has got off to a mad start

BREAKING: Oriel College tells the world RHODES WILL NOT FALL

History will not be rewritten, says Oriel, finally bringing the massive “Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford” media phenomenon to something of a conclusion

Shafted! Golfers “stabbed in the back” by Master of Clare College

Lord Grabiner, Clare’s Master, is helping a top British golf club evict its old members and charge a £100,000 fee to rejoin

‘Can normal people go?’: Marshall Society angers members over extravagant Annual Dinner prices

The Marshall Society, perhaps taking the “Midas” theme a little too far at first, have now reduced the £85 ticket price

‘Plebgate’ MP Andrew Mitchell slates David Cameron and the Oxford Union in front of Cantabs

Sir Malcolm Rifkind, former Foreign Secretary, joined in too – and the Oxford Union hasn’t even bothered trying to deny it

Yoko Ono at the Union: 10 best quotes with translations

On Friday evening, the really lovely elderly widow of John Lennon came to the Cambridge Union and said lots of really lovely things

POLL: Should the Union host Julian Assange?

Do let us know

Not your average fresher: Homeless student wins place at Cambridge

Jacob Lewis has defied the odds to win A*s across the board

Offer-holders in torment over ‘mega mistakes’ in A-level marking

OCR has given potential freshers nasty surprise

Targeted by a ‘death squad’ : Cambridge climate scientist fears for his life

Of the four British “leaders” in Arctic research, three have recently died in quick succession

May Week Blog 2015: Huge Downing headliner announced


Under threat: Cambridge’s Vice-Chancellor is terrified by Labour’s manifesto

Labour’s toxic combo of cuts in fees and government spending leaves Cambridge threatened

AMES ‘shittest department in Cambridge’ as survey reveals rampant Uni-wide discontent

And it doesn’t stop there

Student cyclists to be hit by inventive new punishment

Cycling school

Cambridge stumbles as odd couple Stanford and Manchester stride ahead

We’re worse than Manchester

Check out Cambridge’s brand new Underground tech-map

Thanks to the efforts of the University Information Services, you can now navigate Cambridge’s underground telecommunications infrastructure

German TV stardom for Cambridge History Professor

A Cambridge Historian has become an unexpected German TV hit after his new history series attracted millions of viewers in the country.

Vacation storage crackdown after College ‘lost the plot’

Traditionally egalitarian King’s is cracking down hard on students who help friends by storing belongings in their rooms

Drones come to Cambridge

Cambridge is set to see unmanned drones for the first time in its history. Be afraid.

Hawking breaks down after biopic premiere

The mighty Stephen Hawking is reduced to tears after watching premiere about himself