How to escape the (Cambridge) bubble

Plenty of us can often go the full eight weeks with the biggest news being a friend’s trip to the dean, the new Wasabi opening or the new wild menu at hall. Let’s face it, this is as exciting as it gets for most of your degree.

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Why? We are all a part of the most extreme bubble in the world: the Cambridge Bubble.

At some point in term, we all find ourselves wanting to run away from responsibilities. Finding a means to get away is beneficial to us all, whether we feel suffocated by networking events by employers, want to drown in supervision work, or are simply sick of having the same daily routine (wake up, lectures, cry, work, cry, drink, sleep). We need to take a stand and escape the bubble.

Below is THE DEFINITIVE list of the best ways to physically escape the Cambridge bubble:

Few ever make it out.

  1. Jailbreak

What is it? 36 hours to get as far away from Cambridge as possible using only the money you raise that weekend. It’s cheap to go on (for you – your friends will undoubtedly be pressured into donating to get to the minimum fundraising requirement), and the further from the bubble you get, the better! In the past, people have made it to Sydney, Rio, Thailand, Mexico and Amsterdam.

Jailbreak is guaranteed to provide interesting conversation after you get back (yay new friends), and also will make your current friends jealous. If your supervisors disapprove of your trip, you can remind them it’s for RAG charity, and guilt them into approving of the idea (and even could get donations).

Will it waste your time and affect your grades? NO! The rules state that you can’t plan transport in advance- this means that you won’t waste any time in the lead up to the event! Back by Monday, one Jailbreaker this year made it back for an exam at noon. Equally you could stay for a few more days if you shuffle your supervisions ahead of time…



FUN 5*

2. Varsity

Although you physically escape the bubble for a full week, you are not escaping the people. In fact, you are doubling the size of the bubble by including another elite, academic, collegiate university into your holiday. At least it gives a change of scenery.



FUN 5*

Not a library in sight.

3. Visit friends at other unis

Assuming you have friends in the UK, you could visit them over the weekend. If you are going to the North, it could be time consuming to travel, however, you get to experience a normal nightlife, catch up with old friends, and drink Spoons pitchers for £4 less than in Cambridge.



FUN 5*

4. Rent a punt and throw away the stick

Slightly more unorthodox, and takes a slightly insane person (given that you need food, water, friends and no hope at all. Rent a punt, throw away the paddle and stick, and see where you end up. It’ll most probably only be Grantchester, but ultimately it takes little physical effort to sit on a punt and is cheap if you never return to Cambridge afterwards and thus avoid the fines.

COST  4*


FUN 4*

Free yourself! The only thing you have to lose is your stick.

5. Go home

An easy way to get a free, home cooked meal, sleep without waking up to drunk renditions of “I’d rather be at Oxford than St John’s”, and stop your parents complaining that you never call. International students, this one might not be the cheapest for you – unless cunningly combined with Jailbreak,

COST 5* if domestic, 1* if international


FUN 1*

6. Sport

Although not all of us are rowing Gods, and therefore can’t travel to Ely with the University Rowers to train daily, there are other ways to use sport to get outside Cambridge. For example, you could take up running, and literally run away from your problems.

The Hare and Hounds go for long distance runs, and escape the bustle of Cambridge life. Equally, you could choose a sport which needs no prior experience, like ice hockey. They train in Peterborough, the closest ice rink, and who could turn down a weekly trip to Peterborough?



FUN 3*

There’s a whole world out there. That world includes Peterborough.

7. Go out on a Townie night

If you’re feeling brave enough, go out on a townie night. This will pop your bubble immediately as you are reminded that you are actually surrounded by regular people who live in Cambridge and know that the university is not the centre of the universe.



FUN 1* or 5*??

8. Wait to graduate

I hear that’s not such a bad shout.