lifestylecamtab: The best of Cambridge Snapoween

We did well this Halloween. Pats on the back all round.

ArcSoc cambridge snapchat Halloween lifestyle pictures snapoween snaps

Whether you went to arcsoc, a house party, a college bop or simply down the club, people made an effort this Halloween.

And I’m proud of that.

So, in homage, here are a few snaps to remind us of the wonderful weekend:


snapoween 1
snapoween 5
Really? Strong foundation game if so
snapoween c
Thanks bud, sick cobwebs
snapoween 16
Thanks buds
snapoween i
Befriended Richmond from the IT crowd
snapoween e
Ok, Patrick
snapoween 14
ARCSOC presents
snapoween g
No need to brag. I kuda got a booth.
snapoween d
Change your tone pls
snapoween 4
I am impressed with the pumpmingo couple
snapoween 13
snapoween 12
snapoween 10
Omg that is literally what I was thinking too
snapoween 9
Melted barbie, you are lifestyle yes
snapoween h
Lol I geddit
snapoween 19
Stay strong cuties xoxo
snapoween t
The pain will pass soon xoxo
snapoween 6
snapoween 20
Don’t be like that
snapoween 8
….just joshing. Lifestyle is, fundamentally, very much alive – add lifestylecamtab to send the Lifestyle section your snaps.
snapoween 21
Most probably.
Till next time, Halloween xoxo