CUSU survey to look into drinking societies

Shaken, not stirred

Cambridge University charlie chorley CUSU Drinking Societies Women's officer

CUSU Women’s Officer Charlie Chorley is coming after the drinking societies and it’s about time. 

After the sucess of the ‘Mind the Gap‘ survey, which ended up going national, the determined Women’s Officer is launching a new survey which will seek out the issues with drinking societies and their impact on student life and experiences.

Some initiations seem fun and harmless, right?

Speaking to The Tab, Charlie said: “We’d received several concerns over the past few weeks regarding the activity and behaviour of certain college-based drinking societies

“We wanted to investigate this further to assess how many individuals in Cambridge had been negatively affected by the presence, and actions, of drinking societies”

But the survey will also look to address the positive experiences and the end result is to gain a more rounded view on how the societies are affecting student well-being.

Charlie assures us that this is no witch hunt or killjoy initiative, “this survey is an attempt to shed some light on people’s direct experiences, and provide an opportunity to share their voice anonymously in a way that they may not have had previously”

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