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The People’s Republic speaks: where’s your sense of camaraderie?

Don’t blame CUSU for not publishing your Marx…

UNION VOTE: Assange WILL speak at Union after tense debate and withering comments from Wikileaks supporters

The lines are closed, the votes are counted

CUSU survey to look into drinking societies

Shaken, not stirred

CUSU Elections Liveblog

HARRY SHUKMAN blogs CUSU election night live!

Women in Sport: Strip Off Or Jog On?

MACKS BOUGEARD is fed up of those bemoaning the objectification of sportswomen, whilst KATIE ZINSER insists that we must not sexualise female sport.

CUSU seeks to block Assange (Secretly)

In an email leaked to The Tab the CUSU Women’s Officer has called on supporters to force the Union to disinvite Julian Assange.

CUSU Goes Old-school

Rosalyn Old is officially fit. And officially CUSU president next year.

CUSU is a Sad Dinosaur

ED CUMMING argues CUSU needs to die or be cut back.