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CUSU Women’s Campaign has launched a survey into gendered experiences of learning and institutional sexism. 

‘Mind the Gap’ aims to start researching into the reason behind the gender attainment gap at Cambridge.

Help CUSU Women’s Campaign tackle gender grade differences

Last year, only 3 per cent of women undergraduates in the history faculty gained a First as their final grade compared to 23 per cent of men.

A second year history student at King’s said: “It’s not the case that men are intrinsically better historians – the degree is clearly alienating women, either implicitly or explicitly.

“This survey is a really important tool to find out the ways in which departments and faculties at Cambridge are failing their women students and thus creating such an unacceptable gender attainment gap.”

And it doesn’t stop at history. Women are less likely to get top marks to varying extents across all undergraduate degrees.

This term the Women’s Campaign will conduct their own research into why women are institutionally disadvantaged at Cambridge.

The survey is currently open and people of all genders are welcome to complete it.

Fill in the survey and have your say

Amelia Horgan, CUSU Women’s Officer said: “Hopefully this survey will provide really useful information on women’s experiences as students at Cambridge, and help towards ending any institutional sexism within teaching and assessment methods.”

Help CUSU Women’s Campaign tackle the gender attainment gap with a simple survey.