THIS is how to make politics go viral

Add a witty statement, a fancy font and a picture of Katie Hopkins

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You’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about the 2015 general election.

And things just got a little more interesting. Cambridge University Labour Club painted the city with red Friday night after covering it in custom designed posters aimed at winning the student vote.

The battle between bearded wonder Julian Huppert and silver fox Daniel Zeichner reached new heights when CULC used sharp tounged Katie Hopkins as their anti-poster girl.

You may remember her from such things as ‘that’ field

The poster mentioned the outspoken tweeters promise to leave the country if bumbling Ed Miliband became Prime Minister.

Big-mouthed Katie hit back on twitter yesterday afternoon.

Julian has not yet commented on the posters, but excited Daniel tweeted that CULC were the “best student campaigners”.

The controversial poster was featured on several national news websites, retweeted by Guardian political editor Patrick Wintour and was also recognised by Channel 4 News.

CULC chair Rory Weal said: “this shows the desire not only for Labour’s radical policies…but also getting rid of the infamous troll Katie Hopkins.”

It seems that the other parties need to up their game.