Tab Cribs: Peterhouse Rivals

We’re back to Peterhouse for this week’s Tab Cribs with yet another panelled set claiming to be the real “Best Room In Cambridge”.

cribs Peterhouse

You remember last time I’m sure.

Wood paneling, fruit bowls, Will Kennaway… Apparently we were wrong. This indeed wasn’t the Best Room In Cambridge. Not even in Peterhouse. Stay tuned for Cambridge accommodation pornography of a caliber never before witnessed…


Controversially you have aligned yourself in direct competition with the last Tab Cribs room in Peterhouse…

Well our room, D3, has generally been acknowledged as the best room in Peterhouse. When we saw that C2 had laid claim to being the best room in Cambridge, let alone college, we couldn’t just let it slide.

Don’t get me wrong – C2 is very nice, great paneling etc. But D3’s first floor aspect, positioning near the bar, much larger rooms and attached kitchen really give it the edge we feel. Plus this year we feel we have really brought out the room’s potential.

Break The Internet

What are the criteria that lead to being able to deserve this room? Why you?

Firstly, let it be said, no one really deserves to live within these walls. However some aspire to be worthy, and (for those unfamiliar), the excitement of the Peterhouse room points system knows no bounds.

Points are gained for exam results, but also for anything else you may do – huge numbers of University society committees are propped up by Petreans, and we field untold numbers of croquet teams for cuppers.

We both do a lot around College, and are on the odd Uni committee – quick plug for the GrantaRats punting, £20 membership and free punting all year! – so that’s how we made a record total of room points and positioned ourselves to choose the room.

How has this room nurtured your relationship with your friend?

Referencing the room points system, often friendship doesn’t come into it… Many double-set partnerships are canny business relationships: colleagues who want a bit more space, a set in the main courts in 2nd year, and feel they can cope with a year’s living with someone they may get on with OK.

Is that the case here? Well, me and my room-mate shared a double set last year as well – which is often make-or-break for friendships – and I think the fact we are sharing again this year says it all.

Friends for rooms, room for friends

Talk us through your extensive collection of wall art…

Ah yes, the pictures. I guess it’s just a collection that has grown over the last couple of years really. The odd team/society photo (of course!), but most I have picked up in far-flung locations.

There’s a fair few pictures and prints from India; a couple from Vietnam; Japan; Korea; Israel; Scotland… Quite a few Gillray prints.

My favourite piece is probably the wooden cow’s head, from Fort Kochin in India.

Pretty as a picture

What’s the most outrageous thing you have used this space to do? What’s the most outrageous thing that you could do in this space?

We’ve had the odd set party for a lot of people, including dancing, and the kitchen is great for cooking proper suppers etc. We definitely aren’t as outrageous as some of the previous occupants though – a couple of year’s ago there was a bit of a ménages à trois going on, and before that the D3 parties regularly used to descend into orgies… or so they say…

For the future, I have a bet with my set-mate that we can feed 150 people a full on Christmas supper from our kitchen, so maybe that will happen…

Your bedroom looks out onto a graveyard. Are you ok with this?

Nocturnal disturbances from the neighbours was a worry to begin with, but I really have no complaints about the graveyard inhabitants. It’s very quiet at night, peaceful, and with lots of trees and greenery it’s a pleasant view.

The bedroom the other side looks out onto Old Court, and while it’s slightly bigger I think I prefer my view – you get enough of Old Court from the main windows!

A Room With A View (Of A Graveyard)

What does your mom think of this room?

My mum think it’s pretty outrageous for a student room – paneling and chandeliers aren’t classic student fare!

The dining room table and chairs were a step up from last year definitely.

I guess it’s the national stereotype of a Cambridge room – my friends from other Unis certainly think so!

Does this room actively make you sexier?

People certainly seem to like dropping round to see it…

Does this room make you a better person?

The thing this room gives one is a sense of history, of perpsective. Only the luckiest of Peterhouse students get to live here, so one does feel privileged. Stephen Fry apparently has been here, as has Michael Portillo.

There’s an expectation to host events and generally welcome people in – College haven’t asked us to hold any official functions yet, but it’s only a matter of time.

As they say – with a great room comes great responsibility.

Jealousy isn’t your colour