SEXIT: Referendum on CUSU membership to be held at Selwyn

‘Sexit’ just doesn’t have the same oomph as ‘Pexit’

REVIEW: King Lear

Bleak, brutal, brilliant.

Peterhouse votes to REMAIN in CUSU

Pexit failed

WEEK THREE NEWS ROUNDUP: Jilted Vegetarians, Cheese Cakes, and Closet Cromwellians

For those of you who tune in for friendly birds, keep reading to find out if there’s been any updates.

Which Bake Off contestant is your college?

We can’t all be Selasi

PEXIT: Referendum to take place next week

Let’s talk about Sex (Clubs)

PEXIT: Peterhouse call for CUSU affiliation referendum

‘Peterhouse should not pay unnecessary fees to an organisation that operates with such incompetency and inefficiency’

Cambridge tops the University rankings yet again

Are you surprised?

Cambridge’s Best Benches: Part 3(a)

All you need to know about Cambridge’s Benches

LIVE BLOG: Peterhouse dominates University Challenge Final

Arched eyebrows, thinking faces, and Paxman putdowns. You guessed it, it’s The Tab’s coverage of the University Challenge Final 2016.

TONIGHT: Peterhouse in the University Challenge Final

When it’s on, where you can watch it, and most importantly, what are their chances?

Easter News Roundup: Fruitcakes, Cocks, and Ankara

ARMIN SOLIMANI brings you all the news, all the goss, and whatever other nonsense you swan fetishists have been getting up to over these most sacred of holidays

THE GREAT CAMBRIDGE BAKE OFF: College cake cooks up a storm

Mary Berry eat your heart out: a Cambridge Student’s 21st birthday cake replica of Peterhouse is ‘baking’ over the internet.

Peterhouse, in grand display of support for LGBT+ cause, flies its OWN flag

Better late than never?

The end of the Adonians? Peterhouse to cease hosting infamous society during term

Has the (not so) “secret” gay dining society at which fellows and old boys wine and dine male undergraduates finally been shunned by its long-standing host?

Peterhouse appoints their first female, LGBT+ Master

Peterhouse finds itself hurled into the 21st century

James Bond Director Sam Mendes in town for Peterhouse Freshers’ Play

He returned to his old stomping ground of Peterhouse and helped out with the Freshers’ Play

REVIEW: Peterhouse May Ball

A unique and personal night of luxury and sensual enjoyment, apparently

EXCLUSIVE – Kings Affair AND Peterhouse May Ball headliner revealed

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

The perils of polyamory

Everyone assumes that every sexual encounter you have is an orgy. They’re right