Five films to cure your week five blues

Hide from the November chill and mid-term blues in the comfort of your own bed, with some good films

Cambridge Films Frozen Pitch Perfect the blues brothers the breakfast club the lego movie Week Five Blues

Week five is infamously tough for many Cambridge students, with week five blues now an entrenched part of the Cambridge experience.

However amidst all the stress, this week more than ever, it is important to take some time off and relax.

Below are the five films that will cure you of your week five blues and get you through the week.

The Blues Brothers

Beyond the cutesy connection with the title,The Blues Brothers is one fantastic comedy/musical. With fantastic songs from the likes of Ray Charles and James Brown, as well as some of cinema’s most destructive car chases, The Blues Brothers has plenty to lift your mood and get you shaking your tail feather…



The Breakfast Club

John Hughes makes everything better. The Breakfast Club is a film that tackles the various stresses and pressures placed on youth, with a reassuring conclusion that says despite superficial differences, we’re all struggling and help can be found in unexpected places.



Pitch Perfect

Speaking of The Breakfast Club, that film is lovingly referenced and plays a big part in, Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect may seem like Glee the movie but it is much funnier and smarter than that. With a great soundtrack and a wonderful final number, Pitch Perfect will actually make you think A cappella is kind of cool.




It’s November and Halloween has passed so let’s face it Christmas has basically begun. Sing/scream along to ‘Let it Go’ and once again laugh until you cry at the hilarity that is Olaf.



The LEGO Movie

The newest film on this list, The LEGO Movie remains one of the best films of 2014. With an energy and enthusiasm to it which is sure to snap you out of any bad mood you may be in, The LEGO Movie also concludes with a heartfelt ode to the importance of playing and creativity. All together now, EVERYTHING IS AWESOOOOOME.



Any of the above will be sure to cheer you up, and give you a couple of hours of much needed rest and relaxation.