Week Five Blues

Everything you’d do if Cambridge had a Reading Week

Imagine going to a university that didn’t treat you as an essay-writing robot

Five films to cure your week five blues

Hide from the November chill and mid-term blues in the comfort of your own bed, with some good films

What’s On Week Five!

Slim pickings this week, but no excuses not to put down that revision and head out for some fun in the Culture sun

Five Weak Blues

The Week Five Blues are here, and some of us are suffering more than others.

5 Websites To Survive Week 5

I.T. Correspondent PIPPA CALVIN presents her Weird and Wonderful Blue-Busting Sites of Wonder to get you through Week 5.

Diagnose Your Week Five Anxiety

Feeling blue this Week 5? JACK EMMINS can’t make you better, but he can lead you to a panic diagnosis…

Claudia Blunt: Week 5

This week, CLAUDIA fights back against the “customary hurricane” that is Week Five.

That Person

One anonymous student doesn’t want to be defined by her depression.


Deputy Editor JOHN BARDSLEY on how failure is your best option in week five.

Rushed off our feet…

LVJ reflects on the insanity of life in Cambridge.