Five Weak Blues

The Week Five Blues are here, and some of us are suffering more than others.

blue in the face blue with misery blueneral Blues five weak blues punny weak week Week Five Blues

It’s finally here. That mid-term slump where everything feels a bit groggy and shit and you just want to cry into a bucket.

But if you’re feeling overly down, you need to check yourself – ‘cos do you compete at the highest level of university sport, having also taken part in a Varsity match and/or race against Oxford? No? Well these five do – and that’s on top of normal Cambridge life. And they’re exhausted. Read their stories below and pull your chin up in the process.

Marina plays lacrosse. She’s shattered after meeting a dissertation deadline.

Ali plays cricket. He’s drained after a full day of lectures.

Clark does show jumping. He’s knackered after a long session in the library.

Alex rows and plays tennis and water polo. He’s tired after a big night out with mates.

Anna plays water polo. She’s completely bushed after an all nighter.

These students don’t even get paid to hit a ball with a stick, or catch it in a little net on a stick. That’s tough. Especially when all they’ve got waiting at home is a dissertation and some arnica. So if you’re feeling low this week, take time to remember – at least you’re only blue in one way.