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There’s No Point Stressing About Graduation

LVJ on why internships are pointless and we should all just relax.

Christmas: Fun For All The Family?

LVJ asks if ‘perhaps for the students forced to endure the next few days abroad the doomstruck departure boards are nothing short of a Christmas miracle’.

Undercover With The Adonian Society

As homosexual scandal returns to the Tories this week, we look back at The Tab’s investigation into the secretive society which dare not speak its name…

Full Frontal Feminism

LVJ dusts the cobwebs off feminism and shows why the movement is as important as ever.

L-gAy Confidential

LVJ shines a light on the murky world of celebrity sexuality: is it really OK to be gay in Tinseltown?

Guilty Crush

We asked readers to tell us who they’re secretly lusting after but daren’t admit in public…

To Play, or Not to Play?

LVJ questions whether game playing is an essential part of relationships, or whether it’s simply unavoidable.

Lent Term in Numbers

LVJ breaks down all the key statistics from the past 8 weeks.

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda.

Tab readers reveal their biggest regrets this term.

Abstinence: Lent Resolutions.

Find out what Tab readers are depriving themselves of this Lent, and the reasons behind the resolutions.

Let’s Get Experimental

Want to spice up your sex life? Here’s a few suggestions for when the going gets repetitive.

Tell Me Something True

We asked readers to send in three sentences about themselves; one true and two complete bullshit. See if you can guess which are true.

Writer Challenge: Your Life In Their Hands

Our intrepid reporter lets someone else make all her decisions for a week. See how she copes.

Hell Is Other People

LVJ on those annoying habits everyone is guilty of.

Swap Shockers

We asked readers to send in their most memorable and shocking swap experiences. See if you recognise anyone.

Fair Game

We’ve all been there, drinking way more vodka than we can handle because the cards told us we had to. So for prelash or post-formal, here’s a few of the best drinking games.

What is *sexy* now?

LVJ takes sexy back. By force.

You Know It’s The Start Of Lent Term When…

You’re back, you’re keen, and it’s not falling apart just yet. Be proud.

Another One Bites The Dust

Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll: We wonder who’ll be next to succumb to Hollywood tragedy.

Making Up For Lost Time

Wasting your life away? And how.

It’s Funny Because It’s Facebook

Way more interesting than your average ‘I-lost-my-phone-in-Revs’ groups. Join at your own risk.

Best of Winter Hats

We run down the best hats to keep your ears toasty this season.

Dirty Little Secrets

LVJ: Maybe it’s time you washed those knickers.

You Know It’s The End Of Term When…

Your clothes stink, you’re stealing pennies out of the tips in Nero’s and lectures are a hazy memory.

Braving the Ringtop: The Cambridge Circus

We are People, not Attractions.

College Bar Crawl: Clare Cellars

Another stop in the college bar crawl: this week it’s Clare Cellars.

Personal Space

LVJ on those times when “cosy” becomes “claustrophobic”.

Rushed off our feet…

LVJ reflects on the insanity of life in Cambridge.

Dim Lights and Cambridge Nights

LVJ condemns Cambridge nightlife.

Underwear: To Match or Not To Match?

Victoria’s Secret + $3million Bra = Ridiculous

Lessons in acceptable behaviour: Lectures

The faux pas you might be committing in lectures.

The Jeggings Debate

Garden Party Fashion