5 Websites To Survive Week 5

I.T. Correspondent PIPPA CALVIN presents her Weird and Wonderful Blue-Busting Sites of Wonder to get you through Week 5.

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As if out of nowhere, week five is upon us.

For anyone in need of a reminder, I’ve heard them very accurately described at an after-dinner speech as “the existential crisis Cambridge students go through halfway through every term, upon encountering a state of sheer exhaustion, and realising just how much work they still have left to do.” So in an attempt to cheer you all up, I present to you: Pippa’s Weird and Wonderful Blue-Busting Sites of Wonder. You’re in for a treat…

1. Buzzfeed  Okay, so you’re familiar with Buzzfeed. It’s the internet’s one-stop-shop for all things weird and wonderful (and occasionally you get some news as well). Some recent favorites: Sex Trips From Gollum and Handy Flow Chats for Twenty-Somethings

2. How Many Goats What could cheer you up more than establishing at long last how much you’d be worth in the marriage market? And before anyone gets angry, this is clearly a  joke. Take with a pinch of salt. (Just to put it out there boys, I’m worth 9. Wink wink).

3. Make Everything Ok Who wouldn’t love a magic button to make everything okay? If it doesn’t work for you, the site advises you ‘check your perceptions of objective reality’. And I mean we all need to do that around this time in term, don’t we?

4. Hunger Owls It’s pictures of owls, which the blog’s wise creator has realised look like hungover people, and has captioned appropriately. This blog has been going for three years, which only speaks for its brilliance.

5. Feminism and Ryan Gosling is a site of pure brilliance. Your favorite movie hunk coupled with feminist theory. When you’ve spent your summer trawling through 300 years of angry feminist theory (for dissertation purposes, obvs), you need a bit of comic relief. And what’s even more exciting? There’s a book!

So there you have it. Embrace the silly, enjoy the weird, and never forget to lose your sense of humour amidst the grind of Cambridge life. If these don’t work? Hot chocolate, slippers and your duvet.