PILF of the week

Meet Louis of King’s Parade. The Tab’s first ever PILF of the Week

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Punters have kept the streets of Cambridge broad-shouldered and sly-legged for many the century.

What’s that whiff in the air, you ask? Chances are it is indeed not the West Cornish Pastry Company but in fact grade A pheromones from the raised pit of one of these clip-boarded taureaux. Tasty.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let us get to know our PILFs. For they are more than just irresistible brawn and one day they might just do business with your Grandma.

Teaming his winner’s grin with come-hither furs

How does it feel to be our first ever PILF of the week?

Well, it’s nice top finally get some recognition as being the cream of the crop, but it was always inevitable I suppose.

What advantages does Pilfdom bring with it?

From a sales point of view obviously it helps being a pilf, we all know that sex appeal sells. On the flip side it can sometimes be intimidating for people of our generations to be approached by such a pilf.

How do you feel you compare to fellow PILFs along King’s parade?

The fact I am the first pilf of the week largely answers that question. There can sometimes be a strange array of people on the parade, but we’re alright in general.

Is being a PILF nature or nurture? Is one born a PILF?

A mix of both, some people have it and some don’t, but those who do can definitely nurture their pilfdom to greater heights.

What is your favourite food?

Unfortunately being such a fine sepcimen of a pilf can only come with a strict diet, though I am partial to some sweets from the olde sweet shop.

Do you like cats?

Not as much as dogs.

What is the strangest thing you have encountered as a PILF?

Well being a pilf does have down sides. recently i received some texts from an unknown number which turned out to be a random chinese girl who had come down to the parade having found me on fb and got my number of some other touts. when I didn’t reply to her messages she came back to the parade to look for me, I wasn’t in but apparently she waited for over an hour for me. We haven’t seen her since.

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