Who is Cambridge’s hottest PILF?

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Is it possible to be sexy AND cute?

One self-identified cute girl asks the big question.

How to sleep with a thesp

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Cambridge’s Sexiest Wildlife

So natural beauty. Wow.

Fit Engineer: Vote now

This week The Tab brings you the university’s sexiest engineers

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The Tab brings you your weekly instalment of sexy, sexy nerds. This week: Fit Mathmos.

PILF of the week

Meet Louis of King’s Parade. The Tab’s first ever PILF of the Week

Fit College: St John’s VS Peterhouse

Fit College is back! This week it’s a David and Goliath clash between super-sized St John’s and puny Peterhouse.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This film changed everything!’ CATHERINE AIREY is back. And this time she is here to explain why everyone in Cambridge must see The Hunger Games. EVERYONE.

Sex in the Cam: Week 4

This week our sex columnist hands out some easy to digest hints. Sexy hints.

RAG Blind Date: The Dos and Don’ts

We explain how to get your RAG date to touch you on the rump, and much more…

Anna Isaac

Mattresses everywhere this week for ANNA ISAAC.

Naughty Notts Nude for Wonga

Nottingham Uni Polo have found a perky new way to make polo affordable.

Tab Tries: Danger Cindies

Cindies outside of term time? SASKIA GOLDMAN ventures into the unknown…

Will Young

TABATHA LEGGETT swoons over Will Young.

Are Swaps Sexist?

Lets face it: swaps are about sex. But that doesn’t mean they are sexist.

Bums, Aliens and Victorian Porn: The UL’s Secrets

Vaginas, Jewish porn and anal surgery: the UL’s got it all if you know where to look. ANNA SHEINMAN gives you a tour of the library’s dirtiest corners.

Filthy Lucre

DAVID HOLLAND gets filthy in the vaults. It’s confusing, but in a good way.

Music To Shag To

DAVID HOLLAND: If music be the food of love, go forth and shag to good tunes.

Tab Tries: Working in a Sex Shop

ROSA ROBSON uses The Tab as an excuse to flex her voyeuristic muscles and venture into the secretive world of ‘the sex shop’.