Kings’ Parade

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An Open Letter to the Overly Keen Cantab

*posts another photo of Kings Chapel*

BREAKING: King’s Parade evacuated due to suspected bomb

The incident in Cambridge follows a series of potential terror threats throughout the country

Taking your Best Bums photo: The Ultimate Guide

Or, how many arse-related puns can I crack in one article?

The Cambridge Breakup Guide

Does it take you three hours in Cindies or two years of pain?

Tourist Troubles: The Plight of a Cyclist

Why King’s Parade is the most dangerous street in the city

PILF of the week

Meet Louis of King’s Parade. The Tab’s first ever PILF of the Week

The Hanging Christian – Episode 9

It’s finally time for the violent climax as everything kicks off on King’s Parade…

Google Maps Leak Piss-Take Mistake

Urine the wrong place! Google erroneously call King’s Lane ‘Piss Alley’ on Google Maps.

Make This Space

This new exhibition will impress nobody but the hipsters

Claudia Blunt: Week 7

This week, CLAUDIA wonders why there are so many singles mingling at our most esteemed university.

Tourists In Cambridge

Tourists have annoyed Cambridge students for years. CLAUDIA LEONG sees if she can have the last laugh…

Lee Madgwick @ Byard Art

TABATHA LEGGETT enjoys and recommends LEE MADGWICK’s new exhibition at Byard Art.

Jonny Walker

It’s JONNY WALKER’s last column. And he’s a bit emotional.

English Defence League at Homecoming Parade

Troops return home met by six lone members of the self-declared ‘Cambridge division’ of the English Defence League.

Cycle Crisis

Cambridge has been voted the most dangerous place in Britain to cycle. LIZ ELDER investigates.

Tab Rates vs. Tab Slates: Week Three

You still know the drill, but the drill works.