Bad Wolf: Naked Models Nabbed for Ball

Wolfson’s June Event will be showcasing raw talent this year in the form of naked models.

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In running with the theme “New York, New York”, students will be offered “NYU-style” art classes at Wolfson June Event equipped with life drawings, complete with professional life models.

Speaking to us, PR Officer Justin Jensen confirmed the eye-goggling news:

“There will be both a male and a female model. They will be in the same room, but will be sat separately with a small divider between.

“The models are, of course, to be drawn as if it is a typical art class. We are taking this aspect very seriously, as we do not want any inappropriate behaviour to occur during the event.”

The committee are determined to avoid a howler and are imposing strict rules:

“Before entering, students will need to agree to a few important terms, such as no pictures, no crossing the marked boundary that will be in place between the easels and the models, no rude comments etc.

“There will be no alcohol during the 15 minutes students are sketching the models.

“We will also, of course, have a couple members of security to make sure there are no issues (and to take proper action in the unlikely event that an issue does arise). Students will be made aware that we will kick them out of the June Event if they attempt to take pictures of the models.

“We will be supervising very closely (especially during the last hour) to make sure no one who is belligerently drunk will be admitted–but we do not think it will be a major problem given that it will be held during the first half of the night, with clearly agreed upon terms for participating as a student.”

No wolf-whistling allowed

Despite the restrictions, many have wolfed down this information with joy. Former Tab Editor and current Wolfson student, James Mitchell remarked:

“If this story is boner-fide, I’m sure it’ll put bums in seats. It’s certainly re-nude my confidence in the whole affair. I just hope the models aren’t current Wolfson students. I don’t think I could bare the sight.”

Another Wolfson student added:

“What else are May Balls for if not honing your drawing skills?”

We received no reply upon contacting CUSU for their views.

Tickets are currently on sale for this Ball that’s sure to be far from sheepish.

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