Tab Guide to the alternative theatres of Cambridge

There’s a lot more to Cambridge theatre than the ADC and Corpus. WILL KENNAWAY takes a look at some of the university’s lesser-known venues…

ADC Cambridge Judith E Wilson Pembroke Peterhouse Queens' Theatre venues

Pembroke New Cellars

Tab rates its intimacy and intensity, which put Corpus to shame, as well as the Pembroke Players’ slightly off-piste programming that has this given a chance to shows like 8 and Les Caprices de Marianne as well as some new student writing.

Tab slates its intimacy and intensity.  It is a very small room that is not really designed for theatre: its stage entrances let in light, and there is no tiered seating.

Now showing Les Caprices de Marianne, 7 PM, March 4th-8th, and Reservoir Dogs, 9.30 PM, the same dates.


Quaint: the Friends of Peterhouse Theatre.

Friends of Peterhouse Theatre

Tab rates its prettiness.  This is a very charming Victorian theatre with nice curved rows of tiered benches, a proper technical box, and even an upper circle.

Tab slates how few productions are put on in the theatre as a result of technical limitations—the stage is a slightly odd shape, and the stage right exit can’t be used since it goes straight into the college library—and a difficulty in actually booking the venue in the first place.

Now showing The Heretic, 7.30 PM, March 4th-6th.


Judith E. Wilson Studio, Faculty of English

Tab rates its versatility: the studio has hosted a huge variety of shows from Shakespeare to slam poetry.

Tab slates its size: the venue, much like the New Cellars, does not always offer ideal viewing conditions.

Now showing Nathan the Wise, 8 PM, March 4th-8th.


Bright and airy: Fitzpatrick Hall.

Fitzpatrick Hall, Queens’ College

Tab rates the modern building, its tiered seating, and its capacity.  It is a really nice, airy space which could be used for a lot of different things.  An active drama society is able to put on shows fairly regularly, too.

Tab slates the fairly unreliable quality of the actual shows; the venue may actually have too high a capacity considering the scale of the shows it puts on.

Now showing Hadrian, 7.30 PM, March 4th-8th.