Will Kennaway

So you think you’re stressed?

WILL KENNAWAY investigates the students who dare to mix revision with line-learning.

Mission: Improv-able

WILL KENNAWAY is more impressed with these comics’ quick thinking than with their singing skills.

The Sunset Limited

WILL KENNAWAY rather likes this clash between faith and reason, despite a few opening night problems.

Tab Guide to the alternative theatres of Cambridge

There’s a lot more to Cambridge theatre than the ADC and Corpus. WILL KENNAWAY takes a look at some of the university’s lesser-known venues…

Five Kinds of Silence

WILL KENNAWAY appreciates a harrowing, if occasionally clumsy, piece of theatre.

Tab Tries: Riding a Bike

Theatre Editor WILL KENNAWAY gives cycling a go for the third time in his life.

Rhinoceros in Love

WILL KENNAWAY enjoys a charming if bewildering evening of Chinese theatre.