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Jailbreak is back. And 2014 looks set to be bigger and better than ever.

Follow our live blog as we trace the steps of the teams in their mission to get as far away from Cambridge as possible in 36 hours – we will literally be tracking their every move. Join in on the fun by by clicking on the interactive map below. With expert analysis from top Tab and RAG pundits, we also have the good fortune this year of welcoming Jailbreak veteran Alfie, who should be on hand throughout the day to provide suggestions and tips, as well as some essential light relief.

Advice for the teams on the ground? Messages of encouragement? Want a shout-out? Email us at [email protected]. Tweet us@tabcambridge with the hashtag #tabjailbreak.

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21.32 We’re proud to announce that we have a winner… congratulations to Team 60, living it up in Oman. Make sure to have O-Mad one tonight and remember how Oma-zingly you’ve done.

21.25 It seems that Team 37 have only actually made it to Cambridge. Cambridge, Massachusetts that is! What a lovely sense of symmetry they must be feeling. And jet lag. But mainly symmetry.

21:00 ……………..and that’s all folks! Jailbreak is over for another year. A huge thank you to everyone who took part, donated, and kept our Tab hits up by religiously following this blog. “Best 36 hours ever!!” according to the RAG Team. There’s all kinds of hysteria at Jailbreak HQ, as this intense experience starts to wind down. Winners shall be announced shortly, and good luck to everyone heading back to Cambridge. Tab love xoxo

20:59 Team 59’s final destination is Poland

20:57 Team 60 have made it to Oman! But there’s another team also in Dubai… who has won? O Man it’s gonna be close!!

20.49 The 10-erife massive are having a beach party!!!! Yo 2 the lo!!!

20.47  Team 44 have a little bit of a mare…

20.37 Team 50 looking for a place to stay in Gran Canaria…. any offers?!?!?! Tweet in if you know of somewhere

20.31 With less than half an hour to go, Team 39 arrives in Berlin

20.16 Here at RAG/Tab HQ, we’re getting a little bit jealous of all you guys off travelling. Burns music is playing loudly beneath us. A creepy baby shrine stares out at us as we type. It’s all very Kubrick-esque.

19.55 Lauren and Sandy are about to hit up the Big Apple, NY-see ya soon!

19.54 Cambridge students are tene-rife in Tenerife it seems

19.25 Team 64 call it a day. Na-mur travelling for them!!

19:00 And it would seem Team 60 have landed in Dubai! It’s too early to call a winner just yet, although it seems dubai-ous that they’ll be beaten…

18.56 More flight updates from Team 37! Looks like they’re having a Bos-ton of fun!!!! Lol!

18.26 Team 33 have reached Tenerife, an island home to the highest water slide in the world. So now you know.

18.21 Although the support for Team 40 seems even more enthusiastic…

18.15 Some friendly encouragement for Team 60

18.03 Jailbreakers – just a reminder that KPMG are running a nifty little competition in association with RAG. Send in a photo of you making the letters ‘KPMG’ with your bodies and you could win a dinner or some other lovely prizes. Does KPMG stand for Kool People Making Good? Probably not, but tweet/email us your pics anyway

17.55 Team 37 have 1 hour 16 minutes to go until they touch down in Boston. Go Team 37!! Go Red Sox!!

17:36 “We’ve managed to squeeze out another mile with mere hours to go, bringing our total to 1488 miles away from Cambridge!” tweets Alex Woolf of Team 1. Come on boys, let’s see if we can make it a nice round 1500 miles

17:28 Juliet and Belinda of Team 92 have decided to call it a day. They’re tired and en route home to England, due to land at 20.15. “Prize for the first ones back?” they ask.

17:20 Don’t have any friends doing Jailbreak but still want to donate? Click HERE to give a general donation!!! This year RAG is supporting a huge range of charities, from Dementia UK to the Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre. So go on, be a mate, help make a difference

17:14 Team 36, Paddy and Kenneth, are currently in Stuttgart, on a coach from Frankfurt to Munich and pining for some German snowfall

17:02 Alex and Georgia of Team 25 just got given a free coconut by a nice man on a beach in Barcelona. Bully for them.

16:57 JUST OVER FOUR HOURS TILL THE DEADLINE. Keep giving, people, you know you want to. https://www.raise2give.com/cambridge-rag-presents-jailbreak-2014/

16:54 But the train is 134 minutes delayed… Oh dear.

16:53 Michelle and Victor of Team 21 have just secured cheap train tickets to Bratislava! Well done guys!

16:50 The Tab’s own Jailbreaker veteran Ben Dalton sends ‘a big personal BOG OFF to all those in Dubai and Tenerife while I rot here in the library in front of Butler’s “undoing gender.”‘ Get off twitter and on with your reading, Ben.

16:48 Emily and Angharad have FINALLY escaped Brussels; “BREAKING OUT OF BRUSSELS” they tweet exuberantly.

16:46 Last term’s keen fresher Tab columnist Francesca Ebel asks “how the hell are Boston team gonna enter US without a visa!?” We don’t know, Francesca, we just don’t know.

16:45 Tulika and Maria (Team 49) are tucking into a casual kebab dinner at the Marmara Hotel, Istanbul. #BetterthanButtery?

16:39 One of the Dubai teams is sneakily trying to find out exactly where the other Dubai team is to see where they have to go to get further away. Underhand tactics or alls fair in love and jailbreak? Let us know what you think by emailing [email protected] or tweeting us at @tabcambridge.

16:38 Roberta and Daniyar of Tenerife Team 62 have just made it to Gomera! It’s apparently a beautiful island and they wish they could stay longer but they’ve got to head back to Tenerife to catch their return flight. They sign off with lots of jailbreak love.

16:34 Things seem to be going beautifully for our fantastic four Teams 19/91. Robbie and Alex tell us that they’ve ‘just crossed the Bosphorus and officially in Asia!!! Been for a wander round the Great Bazaar and the New Mosque with our new best friends team 91! Incredible.”

16:28 Thanks to François Vandermeulen in Brussels for emailing in to confirm out Boston/Dubai stats, he adds “PS : My girlfriend is in team 40, on her way to Dubai ! ! ! GO GO GO” Aww cute.

16:21 Just in – Dubai is 3384 miles away from Cambridge and Boston is 3267 miles OMG SO CLOSE BUT DUBAI SHOULD JUST EDGE IT. #maths #manifeellikeamathmo

16:15 MASSIVE debate here in RAG HQ over whether Dubai or Cambridge, Boston are further away from Parker’s Piece (the answer will likely decide the winner). Do you know the answer? Contact us now! (I’m looking at you geographers)

16:11 HOLY SHIT genuine lightning here in Cambridge omg wtf #RAGterror

16:09 Victor and Michelle in Czech Republic struggling to hitch a hike in the cold, well at least it’s not fucking chucking it down like it is here, rain lashing the windows of Emma. Terrifying.

16:06 BREAKING we thought we had lost the phone which updates are texted to but then we found it and there were no updates. What is happening with you people?! Let us know!

15:56 Helene and Roland are at least the third team to reach Germany and tell us it’s snowing. WE GET IT, IT’S SNOWING. WHY DON’T YOU JUST FROLICK ABOUT IN THE SNOW WHILE WE’RE STUCK HERE IN CAMBRIDGE IN THE FUCKING HORRIBLE GREY DRIZZLE. #ratherbeonjailbreak #bitter

15:53 Bare tension here at RAG HQ as we wait with baited breath for Sandy and Lauren of Team 37 to touch down in Boston #CambridgetoCambridge

15:47 Becky and Karolos of Team 80 are apparently in a nice BMW on the way to Munich with a professor of Nephrology, whatever the hell that is. Becky is “feeling underdressed in a onesie”. Poor Becky.

15:42 !!BREAKING!! Team 77 (Oliver and Cheng) have “survived the volcano” and are now off to “ride camels”. Daring men.

Straight from the official Team 77 twitter feed.

15:33 Team 9 (Kiya and Nadia)  are heading east from Frankfurt to Nuremburg and are getting lifts off ‘shifty’ Bulgarians. “#prayforus” says they, so do.

15:30 Liam and Ellie of Team 44 fame have failed to Hitchhike in France but are getting a train to Lille and “hoping to get to know the locals”. How enterprising. I had a holiday in Lille recently it was terrible the plumbing broke and I had to shovel human faeces. #inappropriateliveblogging

15:27 Fiona and Jiho in Las Palmas Gran Canaria are ‘off to find wine, even if we only have three hours here.’ Tut tut, shouldn’t you be spending money on access rather than booze? #topical

15:24 Team 13 (Levi and Sean) have made it to Warsaw where “it’s -13 degrees but our bucket is still rattling!!!!!” That’s the spirit, though more than one exclamation mark is incorrect, guys.

15:22 Tenerife Team 75 (Louis and David) planning to “camp on the sand tonight, here’s hoping they don’t have a high tide here!”

15:18 Shoutout from Tab Columnist, Fitz legend and Roof-dweller Alex Jackman – “Go Team 35 in France cycling to Le Mans! They packed lots of “Gentleman’s Butter” whatever that is #CMOOOON! #tabjailbreak

15:16 Keep your emails coming in to [email protected] or tweet us @tabcambridge with the hashtag #tabjailbreak. Things really hotting up here in RAG HQ/Emma JCR, big things potentially on the horizon…

15:13 Latest top tip from tab vet and ex-Jailbreaker Ben Dalton: “Buy a magazine for those boring moments. Cosmo works best.” Potentially life saving stuff from Ben there, thanks Ben.

15:11 BREAKING but unconfirmed reports that there may soon be EIGHT teams in Tenerife. I mean really.

15:08 Team 18 (Ioannis and Maria) are currently on a whopping £4k in donations. Surprise surprise, they’re from Trinity.

15:03 Huge drama at RAG HQ as Ragger arrives having just been defeated in Netball match. Try harder, sporty Ragger. #woopwooptrinitynetball

14:59 Mimi and ‘Hair straighteners’ Steph have got a shoutout in the Jewish Chronicle. Those lucky hair tongs certainly seem to be keeping you on a ‘straight’ path to raising a lot of money!

14:55 Team 50 (Janneke and Maya) aren’t giving anything away but claim they are aiming for second, maybe third place. Cocky or tragically unambitious? Not sure.

14:48 Team 37 attempting to reach Cambridge, Boston for the ultimate Cambridge to Cambridge win. Excellent.

14:44 Roberta and Daniyar (Team 62) in Tenerife (where else) are ‘on a boat’. Wonderful.

14:37 Christina and Whitney heading back to London. “Fucking hate Paris” says they.

14:32 Betty and Karolos (Team 80) in Germany ‘in the middle of nowhere, no lifts but a shitload of snow. Zebra and dragon cold. First thing: get a bratwurst.’

14:20 Team 32 on way to Berlin, apparently ‘snow everywhere’.

14:09 Charlie and Jethro of Team 33 on flight to join the heaving Tenerife bandwagon. Pretty good going considering they only left Cambridge this morning due to migraine troubles.

14:06 Team 11 ‘Saved from Luxembourg limbo by Julia and Hakan! Finally: DEUTSCHLAND. Thank bejesus.’ Don’t thank bejesus, thank Julia and Hakan, surely…

14:02 Teams 90 and 19 have joined forces in Istanbul – ‘having lunch in Europe before heading on to Asia!’ Bold.

13:55 Mimi and ‘Hair straighteners’ Steph just blagged a free five star suite, lucky chumps. Hope you’ve brought the right adapter to plug in those straighteners, Steph.

13:49 Team 50 ‘On a flight.’ Asked for clarification –  ‘We like to keep an air of mystery’. Nice ‘air’ pun there.

13:47 Team 48 in belgium – ‘Sooo windy’.

13:45 Charlie and Jethro at Gatwick just asked by a security guard how far they’d managed to get. ‘Um, Gatwick, evidently…’

13:43 Stephanie and Mimi (team 53) on the plan to Barcelona. Good thing Steph remembered her hair straighteners!

13:40 In total the teams have raised over 23 grand but it could be so much more, keep giving here: https://www.raise2give.com/cambridge-rag-presents-jailbreak-2014/

13:36 Team 44 in France having crossed the channel with a crazy but worth it hockey team and got a lift with a lovely couple, they are  ‘feeling good’.

13:32 Team 56 (Emily and Dominic) just reached Belgium, ‘a kind lady took pity on us and gave us a ton of food, so it’s croissants on the coach for us!’ How quaint!

13:29 !!BREAKING!!  Zoe and Fenella of Team 60 have just touched down in Dubai. Definite front runners, but everything still to play for!

13:26 Team 71 (Felicity and Malhar) having a sad and doleful time, ‘stranded in busy St George no one is picking us up’. Somebody save them! Though where even is that…

13:23 Team 81 just landed in Tenerife, bringing the total there to an ungodly six teams. What is this madness, something’s definitely going on here. #conspiracy

13:20 Changing of the guard here at RAG HQ, with myself (Patrick) taking over as we head into the final 8 hours…

13:11 Team 38 are in Brussels and ‘looking for some sprouts’.

13:09 Update from Caitlin and Rob: ‘Just touched down in Ataturk International – made friends with Team 19 on the plane! Next stop Grand Bazaar!! #tabjailbreak

13:01 URGENT: Does any0ne know the charity collection laws in Spain? Prize for the best answer. Email answers to [email protected]

12:52 Team 80: “German toilet seats are weirdly mobile.” Erm what?

12:41 The  team who raise the most money will get 2 free tickets to CHRIST’S MAY BALL. Theme is Emerald City.

12:23 The team who get the furthest away will get 2 day passes to The Glassworks Spa

12:01 Team 15 have made it to Disneyland  ISTANBUL:

11:42: Team 90 Lizzie and Tom: “Currently sat with teams 43, 57 and 75 having lunch by the beach. The sun is shining and it’s 20 degrees. Ready for a Tenerife night out Cambridge style!”. MASSIVE jealously from Jailbreak HQ in Emma JCR.

11:32 Felix and OJ are freezing in Berlin. At -13 degrees, Kimonos were a bad choice.

11:25 Team 18 are plotting an afternoon flight to Majorca.

11:18 Team 5, Rebecca and William, have made it to Disney Land! Only Paris though, the real winners will get to Florida.

11:14 Team 64 and Team 2 have put aside their differences and have found a new respect for each other in Brussels:

11:07 Team 1 are only at the bloody Parthenon with a stray dog:

11:03 Team 44 have been picked up by Sonning Hockey team and are currently bonding over Port.

10:55 Sandy McCleery, of Tab Satire notoriety, has very much fallen asleep on a train. WAKE UP TEAM 37 and get to BOSTON:

10:50 Word is that at least 90% of teams are in Tenerife and Team 37 – Lauren and Sandy – are on their way to Boston!

10:45 Team 41 Danny and Chris, are the second team to make it onto the big screen at Piccadily circus!

10:39 TEAM 64 had a tough night:  

10:35 After inexplicable narcoleptic difficulties jailbreak blog is back. SEND US UPDATES

23:33 Well, it seems that everyone is in bed/on a plane/too drunk to type, so the message feed is drying up. Looks like it is time for me to set off home. I will keep checking for updates so you don’t miss out, but otherwise we will see you soon. Stay tuned tomorrow.

23:28 So Jailbreak HQ has recently got an email from a student in Oxford who has just found out about Jailbreak and is asking if it is too late to get involved. Bit late to the party, but whatevs, why not. GDBO.

23:23 Guessing you kids are on your way back from the college bar at this point and feeling generous. Now might be the time to donate, maybe? I thought as much. Get on it.

23:19 Been away for a few minutes, matchmaking the Tenerife teams via email. Sharing the Tab love.

23:06 Okay, so a few hours ago I promised you a video when my computer sorted its life out. I’m afraid this has only half happened, but here is a link you can copy and paste if you want to see Joe, Joel, OJ and Felix (pictured below) rocking the boy band look at Kings Cross. And let me tell you, you should want to. It is quite unlike anything else you have ever seen. Between them today the boys have raised £700 and are on their way to Berlin.


22:50 The Pembroke contingent run into former Tab columnist, debate editor and all round fantastic human being, Harry Prance, who helps them out with a bottle of wine.


22:46 Ooohh dear. Disharmony breaking out in Team 91, as Caitlin writes to tell me that they are stuck in Blackfriars after Rob left their money in a bar. Nightmare. Chin up, Rob.

22:40 Ella Raff hopes over Twitter ( @tabcambridge ) that nobody has forgotten their coat, which was her biggest mistake as a fresher. Preach it sister. Although most of my worst mistakes as a fresher begin with the sentence: “I went to Life and then…”, or indeed consist entirely of going to Life. Anyway, I digress…

22:34 Update from the man peeing in the river: the first attempt was foiled after he got distracted by a police car. The second attempt was a success. I think now we can sleep easy in our beds knowing that there is more money in the pot for a worthy cause.

22:29 Anyone got any exciting challenges to complete? So far, my personal favourites have been, in not particular order: shaking Angela Merkel’s hand, speaking only in Notorious BIG lyrics, and remaining celibate for the whole 36 hours. Which do we think will be the most difficult to achieve?

22:24 Happy Birthday to my friend Tim Bond, whose celebrations I am missing in the name of charity and quality journalism. Let nobody say I am not dedicated to the cause.

22:19 A close friend of mine has just texted to say that his team are walking along the river Thames in the rain, trying to find a place where he can pee in the river. I am assured that this is a fund raising challenge, rather than just evidence of a chronic lack of public toilets in London.

22:16 Team 29 rocking the selfie as they make their way to Belgium. Good work, ladies.

22:13 Not that I can talk, obviously.

22:11 Just checked the email account, and it seems someone has set up a Greg Hill email address too. Do you people not have degrees to be doing?

22:04 HEY, teams heading to Tenerife. You aren’t the only ones. Rowanne and Danya from Team 47 are on their way and fancy a Cantab night out. Send your contact details to [email protected] and we will get you together.

21:57 Team 1, who you will remember as being on their way to Athens, are feeling the love after being tipped by their waitress. Charity once again bringing the world together.

21:55 Massive congrats to Rowanne and Danya of Team 47 who have just sat down for the first time today. At this stage in the game it is the little victories that count.

21:48 Big video excitement coming to your screen once my Hermes sorts its life out. Brace yourselves.

21:46 After 12 hours fundraising, a beer, a burger and some drizzle, Team 38 are on a bus to Cologne. All the makings of an excellent day.

21:43 Depressing scenes as several teams message into HQ worrying that they are the only ones left in London. Chin up guys – you aren’t. Anyone got any advice for our downtrodden Jailbreakers? Tweet us @tabcambridge

21:39 Pizza is being ordered in Jailbreak HQ. Can feel the tension in the room as the team watch the Dominos website and track its progress.

21:27 Team 38 have decided that Nick will be getting a Jailbreak tattoo if their raisetogive page gets £400 by 4pm tomorrow. Whether or not this is the aforementioned two bottles of wine talking, a promise is a promise. Get donating people.

21:20 Meanwhile, someone claiming to be Greg Hill keeps getting in touch via twitter. Can’t help but feel we might be being fooled…

21:15 Nick and Nicky of Team 38 are getting “thoroughly pissed” on two bottles of wine and three courses for a tenner. Plus they are on their way to Amsterdam tomorrow. Good effort boys.

21:05 For those of you who were worried, James and Sophie of Team 51 have rallied following their previous descent into despair and gambling, and are heading back to Leicester Square to “try and catch rich drunk people coming out of casinos”. A solid display of endurance.

21:00 Oh, and he is alone.

20:57 Back in the less exciting world of Cambridge, Ben Dalton reports getting a lonely Van of Death following his shift on the Jailbreak live blog. Living the dream, as ever.

20:45 Well Henry and Ed of Team 43 have moved from McDonalds to Pret, on what seems to be a food tour of London. They are excited to be hitting Tenerife along with three other teams. Do we sense a Cantab reunion coming on?

20:42 Continuing the saga of OJ and Felix of Team 71, OJ has run into his lecturer on the train. Behold the face of a man living the plant science dream.

20:27 Serious news from Team 91’s Rob and Caitlin, who are on their way to Istanbul first thing tomorrow morning and report feeling “a bit drunk, Turkish and delighted” – an incredibly enviable state. Congratulations!

20:18 Shout out to my college dads, the self styled “people’s jailbreakers” of team 59, Joe and Joel, who have their sights set on Poland.

20:09 Changing of the guard here at Jailbreak HQ, and I (Charlotte), having been judged the member of the team with least to do on a Friday night, am now here to guide you through until midnight.

20:03 Thank you for following Jailbreak with me! I’m now handing you over to Charlotte Ivers as it is about time I ate/washed/went to toilet. Over and out!

20:01 Team 61’s James and Sophie have just got in touch! “We’re doing so shit! Got like no money, we’re thinking of gambling it all on blackjack… can we have a Tab poll for red or black?” Chin up fellas!

19:57 Chris Powers sets a tough challenge on twitter: “The KPMG challenge: last more than 5 seconds in their canary wharf foyer without being set upon by bouncers!”

19:52 Team 1’s Tom and Alex seem jubilant in their airport selfie. Bloody Athens!

19:47 Joel and Jonathon from team 59 are currently having a fantastic time in London. On twitter they have boasted “the people here love us!”

19:42 The fundraising really does never stop! Betty and Karolos of team 80 are currently in Bruges begging for cash outside the station. A fantastic display of stamina, team!

19:39 Our hearts go out to all those Jailbreaking arsenal fans who will be shivering in the cold rather than watching the game this evening. All for  good cause guys…

1935: JB and Flo who competed in the 2013 Jailbreak have just messaged in with some golden advice: “Jailbreak advice: don’t start drinking spirits at airport at 3am waiting for flight. Sprinting drunk through Stansted not fun!”

19:31 !!!BREAKING NEWS!!! After so many nail-biting minutes of silence, Alex and Tom of Team 1 have just exclaimed with glee that they will be jetting off to Athens: “Can now confirm that, although it ain’t Dubai, we’re excited to be going to Athens! #ragjailbreak2014“. Well done boys!

19:30 Comment-BNOC Greg Hill has just sent us in a Jailbreak inspired shot from his gym. I presume this is from whilst he was in training for today’s event… Looking good Greg. Looking good gym.

19:27 Not every team has had such brilliant luck: Alec and Alan from team 78 are currently lamenting their rejection from Eurostar at St Pancreas international. The boys admit “Oh well, it was a long shot…” Chin up fellas!

19:25 Matt at Jailbreak HQ is currently looking at photos of himself at this morning’s Jailbreak launch and questioning the size of his behind in shot…

19:23 Team 81’s Kiara and Gabrielle are currently at Manchester airport looking for a flight! Incredible to see so many teams at airports. The girls are calling themselves “Team Rocket”. Let’s hope their stint at the airport leads to them rocketing far far away!

19:20 Betty and Karilos from team 80 have messaged saying “platypus in a lexus to bruges!” Whilst I’m sure we are all up to speed with the Lexus and Bruges, the platypus is a real head-scratcher…

19:17 ‘Frances’ on twitter has just pointed out that “on the map thing Jailbreak HQ updated as “Stocking up at Sainsbury’s for the night” from Cambridge Massachusetts!” – that’s right Frances, we are secretly winning Jailbreak here at HQ. What’s more we’re celebrating it at Sainsbury’s.

19:15 Team 92’s Juliet and Belinda are no less than 200 miles away in Amsterdam! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do ladies…

19:11 Henry and Ed of team 43 are currently sitting in McDonald’s in Leicester Square, stuffing themselves with burgers in the knowledge that they will soon be jetting off to Tenerife!

19:07  A shout out request from Tab comment favourite Greg Hill: “Just want to give a shout out to all the jailbreakers who worked out at my gym (which I built) #ragjailbreak” Thanks Gred. I cannot think of a better reason to go to Homerton.

19:02 Remember Caitlin and Rob from Team 91 who managed to get their faces up on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus and still get the hashtag wrong? Well here they are drunk in Southbank! Quite a gathering you’ve got there guys!

19:01 No one’s quite out of Europe yet! Taking your time this year Jailbreak!

18:56 Angelika and Fanny of team 47 are now in Frankfurt and are still waiting on that mysterious email to tell them where they’re going to be heading next… wondrous things seem to be happening there. Jailbreak 2014 is still very much to play for! Don’t sit too comfortably Dubai and Tenerife!

18:50 With temperatures dropping and around a few teams having already called it a day, those hopeful smiles of this morning seem lightyears away!

18:45 Any Jailbreak veterans out there with a story to tell or advice for today’s teams? Tweet us at @tabcambridge…

18:42 Liam of ‘Liam and Ellie’ from team 44 is sniffing out the coach station toilets: “Grimy London coach station is a world away from Sunday night lola’s, or not as the toilets may prove #team44priorities” Well I know where I’d rather be Liam…

18:39 Edwin and Veronica from team 41 are now a thrilling 36 miles away from Cambridge. They are obviously beginning to feel the hunger with this recent pea: “We want bananas!!!” Hang in there 41. Bananas you will get.

18:36 It’s a chilling 8 degrees tonight in London – hope you’ve all wrapped up warm… any suggestions for surviving the cold? Tweet @tabcambridge with your thoughts…

18:34 Georgia and Alex from team 21 continue their desperate twitter plea, first to British Airways and now to Heathrow: “Help us escape this cold, wet isle all for a good cause! LHR to anywhere :-)” They don’t seem to be having much luck… TWEET LOUDER GUYS!

18:31 Fighting talk from Nick from team 38: “I will get a ‘JAILBREAK 2014’ tattoo on arm in Amsterdam if my raisetogive page reaches £400 by 4pm tomorrow.” GET DONATING EVERYONE, THAT ARM MUST BE ILLUSTRATED!!

18:24 Things are getting desperate on twitter for Georgia and Alex from team 21:

18:20 What a shocking start for team 33!! Charlie and Jethro have suffere a day of terrible migraines but have finally emerged and are on fighting form. Charlie hopes to better his destination of Paris from last year, and that he plans to begin fundraising in Life this evening. This is original, and I think I am convinced about it. Got a feeling about team 33!

18:17 !!BREAKING NEWS!! Team 33 hasn’t even started out yet following a day of excruciating migraines! They are still determined however, and should be dropping in to see us before they go…

18:14 Touching encouragement for Tom and Alex of team 1 on twitter: “go Tom and Alex! @julia_hiom is in Chang Mai waiting for you if you can raise the dosh #ragjailbreak2014 #worldtraveller” The sheer luxury of having a loved one waiting at the other side! Tom and Alex, you lucky boys!

18:09 Sat in the Rag office drooling over flights from Gatwick – where would you go if you were doing Jailbreak? Don’t forget to tweet all your hopes and fears to @tabcambridge

18:05 Don’t forget to keep donating! Log on to Rag’s Raise2Give page to add to their already incredible figure of £22487.71!!

18:03 We just cannot believe how much team 18 has raised already! Ioannish and Maria have managed to collect £4096 already! Incredible scenes.

17:59 Tom and Alex are looking more than happy with their day’s makings on the streets of London. They’re still not telling us what the destination of their flight is however! How cheeky!

17:57 After the incredible news that Zoe and Fenella of team 60 are heading to Dubai, The Tab has checked the weather that awaits them. It is currently a whopping 20 degrees over there (same as Tenerife) except that’s 9pm in Dubai!! Hope you’ve packed shorts girls!

17:55 !!BREAKING NEWS!! Team 60 is going to DUBAI!

17:52 OJ from team 73 can barely conceal his excitement about his evening flights to Berlin. He is currently celebrating in London at a swanky meal with some bankers. But what about his next move after that? “We’ll probably head to the lorry depot and head east… looking towards Poland hopefully!”

17:50 After a brief weather update, The Tab can confirm that the weather in Tenerife is currently a soothing 20 degrees with mild cloud coverage. Sounds ideal.

17:48 BREAKING NEWS No more and no less than 3 teams are soon to be jetting off to Tenerife! Teams 90, 77 and 17, you lucky, lucky people!

17:44 Tom from team 90 sounds jubilant! “17:40 PM: London’s obscenely hard to get money out of. But £225 later and we’ve booked a flight to Tenerife. 27 hrs to go.” Tenerife! You would not believe how jealous I am. What’s there to do in Tenerife on a Friday night/Saturday morning? Would they not rather be at brunch at Bill’s?

17:41 News of a few teams pulling out already! As night falls it seems like Jailbreak is proving too much for some… tweet your reasons for retirement to @tabcambridge

17:39 Emily and Angharad say they are “aiming to be back for Sunday night in Life!” Incredible spirit.

17:36 Tom from team 1 has just revealed even more about his elusive ‘plan A’: “Plan A was Covent Garden Trafalgar and Southbank fundraising- done rather well across all. Just about made enough for our flight”. That sounds cracking, Tom.

17:29 An hourt 2PM Tom from team 1 cheerfully tweeted:


17:26 Remember Steph and Mimi of team 53 who sold chocolate to raise money? They have just revealed that the best selling chocolate bar was the Twix, adding “double the choc goodness!”

17:22 BREAKING NEWS Team 40 have just sent in a very mysterious message: “We are catching a plane to Frankfurt at 5.45. Big thanks Jeffrey! And this is just the beginning!” However, they add at the end “we are waiting for an email to let us know where we are going after that!” Is someone saying them a ticket? Who is this enigmatic emailer? Stay tuned to find out!

17:18 Does anyone have any special tips/things to see or do for those heading to Paris, Berlin or Brussels? Would you stay there? Where would you go after? Tweet your suggestions to @tabcambridge

17:14 Team 39’s Dan Selwyn is enjoying the smugness of being in London with his tickets to Cologne already in the bag! Alright for some Dan…

17:08 New word from a chuffed OJ from team 73: “We’ve raised no £560 with the old bucket… Flights and trains so far cost £170 so we’re ECSTATIC!” We smile with you OJ, we smile with you. Just spare a thought for us back in Cambridge as we watch the clock tick closer to 6pm buttery.

17:05 Just in: a very happy team 64 with their tickets to Brussels! #madinchelsea but not for much longer! 17:01 Team 64 Emily and Angharad are currently alone and in Chelsea, having punningly devised the hashtag #madinchelsea. There looks to be moody skies over there!

17:00 If anyone is wondering (as I sure am!) where all team 53’s chocolate came from, they have just revealed “a very generous friend bought it for us!” I hope they didn’t buy it from the Sidg buttery with those rates!

16:55 An update for all you following the story of OJ and Felix of team 73. They have just messaged to say: “we just visited a team mate’s old school Winchester. We visited our friend who used to go to Pembroke who is now a teacher and pulled the alumnus card. We’ve booked flights to Berlin and are now heaing to the city to wine and dine with the bankers”. Quite frankly OJ I cannot think of anything I would rather be doing with my Friday night.

16:51 Update from Steph and Mimi from team 53: “Sold choc for money and blagged train fair from americans!” 16:47 Update from Rebecca and William of team 75: “our driver kept taking wrong turns so we’ve lost some time, but looking for a lift to dover!”. A traditional route, but will it be a fruitful one?

16:44 Steph and Mimi of team 53 have just arrived at Canary Wharf and are sniffing out the bankers…

16:42 Having politely asked how they managed to get their faces up on a billboard in Piccadilly Circus, Rob and Caitlin of team 91 have quite sassily replied “part time arts students, full time hustlers”. Go on lady and gent – let us in on the secret…


Seems it really does pay off to wait it out in Cambridge? No rush, guys, no rush.

16:33 Kiara and Gabrielle from team 81 have arrived in Chesterfield, a whopping 108 miles away from Cambridge! They have also sighted a crooked tower; an event apparently top of Kiara’s bucket list! Glad you’re happy 81!

16:31 This are looking pretty dreary for Lauren and Sandy who have resorted to praying for money at St Paul’s. We feel for you.

16:28 Anyone see Caitlin and Rob on the billboard at Piccadilly Circus? Tweet us in at @tabcambridge if so. How did they do it? Shame they got the hashtag wrong…

16:27 Lizzie and Tom of team 90 are currently trying their luck on London’s Liverpool Street. They are becoming disgruntled however, saying “these Londoners aren’t half as friendly as you Cambridge folk!”

16:21 Team 91 Caitlin and Rob manage to make their way onto a billboard! Incredible scenes. Right next to McDonald’s as well! Bet they’re in need of a few ‘dunkables’ by now!

16:18 Team 93, Thomas and Karcy, are currently still on their way to Paris. They seem happy and are taking the opportunity to get some much deserved shut eye.

16:14 Hi, this is Ben here for your live Jailbreak updates. Don’t forget to let us know what’s going on on twitter @tabcambridge or email [email protected]

16:09 Signing off now and passing over to Ben, jailbreaker of ’12. Don’t forget to keep sending in your pictures and stories @tabcambridge, #jailbreak2014

16:05 Meanwhile Team 81 are having a blast in the UK: ‘Everything’s made of stone here!!!’ The two girls are in the peak district near Manchester.

BREAKING: TEAM 15 ARE GOING TO ISTANBUL. Natnicha and Pawarit are currently at London Heathrow but will be shortly flying East for the winter. They’ve even given us their flight number: BA680, departing at 4:20 pm. Amazing work from both of them.

15:41 Pembroke contigency still going strong, busking in Covent Garden and attempting to maximise funds before their flights to Berlin. So far they’re playing ‘a lot of Knocking on heaven’s door, 500 miles and Amarillo – lots of foreign middle-aged women loving it!’


15:37 UPDATE FROM THE NORTH: It’s quite cold, and so far Kiara and Gabrielle, of Team 81, are the most in it. They’ve made it to Chesterfield, 108 miles north of Cambridge. ‘Is that a crooked spire we see?’ Gabrielle asks. ‘New thing ticked off Kiara’s bucket list!’ Nice work, guys!

15:31 Team 78, Alec and Alan, have been stopped by undercover police. Luckily, ‘they were keen to help! Still looking to escape London…’

It seems as if most of you are in London now – we’d love to see teams bumping into each other! Tweet us or email us [email protected]

15:22 The map is back, thanks to brilliant Matt at RAG, and very exciting it’s looking too. Victoria station has revealed itself to be wildly popular, with Team 92, Juliet and Belinda, currently there and attempting to get into Buckingham Palace.

15:16 Team 89, Emily and Paul, also at Victoria Coach Statiom, waiting to board a coach to Brussells! Maybe wrestle their tickets off them, Emily and Angharad…

15:10 Turns out Danya from 14:53 was ‘just on some online tv thing, some telecoms thing.’ Still omg fame

15:03 Lovely bit of sight-seeing going on for some of our teams. Emily and Angharad are heading to Victoria Coach Station, but managed to take this snap at St Pauls.

14:52 omg


14:44 Covent Garden alert: Team 24, Chris and Grace, are fundraising around you. Look out a pink coat and a Buzz Lightyear costume!

14:26 Team 90 are having a hard time in Liverpool street: ‘Trying to raise money, but people are not as friendly here as they are in Cambridge.’ You can do it, Team 90! Watch out for Team 1 who should be with you shortly, and sound like they’ve got their shit sorted.


14:10 So it’s Team 93, Thomas and Karcy, who are the first ones out of the UK. On a coach to Paris, they’ve simply commented ‘zzzz.’

Plenty of exciting plans brewing among the rest of the teams, with Germany acting as a very popular destination this year. Team 40, Angelika and Fanny, have managed to book a flight to Frankfurt for 5:45pm:

‘Big thanks to Geoffrey! This is just the beginning.’

14:06 The Pembroke contingency defend the decision not to immediately hop on a ferry:


14:02 Team 5 Rebecca and William are 75 miles out of Cambridge:

‘Our driver kept taking wrong turns so we’ve lost some time, but looking for a lift to dover!’

If anyone can help, get in touch.

13:40 Some great photos just in from Lucy Scovell at the kick-off! 8 Tab points to whoever can name the Pikachu.

13:35 Team 93, Thomas and Karcy, are set to get on a coach to Paris! Nice work, team!

13:21 Charlie and Harry from Team 57 are off ‘to sniff out some wealth #matasreplacement‘.

The boys really are embracing the theme of charity today:

12:59 Team 67, Charlotte and David, are on a journey of self discovery as well as an actual journey: ‘Charlotte has worked out that she can use her crisps to eat Dairylea Dunkers. Luving lyf2k14 xx.’

They’re currently listed as being at the New Museums Site.

12:54 A real theme of public disorder this year. Team 50, Maya and Janneka, currently hitching a bus to Mayfair, were shouted at by a Big Issue man because they stole his spot. Stay civil, Cantabs.


‘Hi it’s team 25. We missed the country off our tracking thing, so now it says we’re in Australia. We aren’t.’

12:39 Team 43, Henry and Ed, are playing with fire. Having made it to Canary Wharf (soon to be the islands?!) they’ve ‘just been moved by a policeman, might have to actually jailbreak…’

Be careful, boys.

12:33 An anonymous tip just in: ‘If you can speak Chinese –  approach the tourists. A sure fire way to make friends and money.’ Alfie disagrees.

‘I can speak Chinese, and I didn’t use a single word of it. Even when I was in Beijing.’

12:18 A shout out to Team 25, Alex and Georgia, who have listed themselves as in Melbourne! We can only assume that they’ve somehow managed to bagsy themselves a flight to Melbourne…? Either that or someone’s just massively cocked up their updates. Or is a massive liar. Tweet us if you know anything @tabcambridge

12:08 It’s important to remember that there are many different tactics to Jailbreak. Team 1, Alex and Tom, are sticking around in Cambridge to fundraise as much as possible, as are Team 71 (below) who are ‘optimistic’ having been given ‘lots of tenners by old ladies.’

11:56 Last seen at Sidgewick, Team 59, known to themselves as ‘the people’s jailbreakers’, have busked enough money for a flight to Berlin! Everyone thrilled for them at RAG HQ, except for Alfie, who said that last year he’d made it to Berlin by breakfast.

11: 50 Don’t forget the excellent charities these adventurers are fundraising for: Cambridge City Foodbank, Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre, Teenage Cancer Trust, Wintercomfort, Dementia UK, Action Against Hunger, Camfed, Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), Save the Children and Unseen. You can check ’em out, and how to sponsor at https://www.raise2give.com/cambridge-rag-presents-jailbreak-2014

11:46 Unless you’re on a train to Croatia. In which case, you should have said!

11: 45 Team 10 have texted in to say they’re on the 11 o’ clock train. I’m sorry, but that low level of information did not merit a share.

11:43 Veteran Alfie has pointed out that one year he actually managed to complete the Jailbreak challenge entirely by sea. No one’s quite sure what he means, but he’s certainly given us something to think about.

11:40 Debs from RAG HQ has heard that one of the teams who want to complete the land challenge is planning on taking a ferry. Know who this is? Name and shame, people.

11:30 You can now check up progress on the map! Team 77, Oliver and Cheng, have apparently made it to Massachusetts. We’re 60% sure they’ve got the wrong Cambridge, especially as they were still on the train to Stanstead half an hour ago.

11: 25 Teams are now EXPLODING across London! Danya from Team 47 is there and has ‘already finished all my cereal bars.’ It’s important to remember that Jailbreak is about charity, Danya. Some children have never even seen a cereal bar before.

11:15 Teams are starting to venture out of the nest. Team 64, Angharad and Emily, are getting on a train to London thanks to ‘an amazing Newnham alumna from 1947!’ Ah, the kindness of strangers. Venturing into London yourself? Given up and gone back to bed? Let us know at #ragjailbreak2014


You heard it here first. Team 59, Joel and Joe, have reached the Sidgewick Site. Next stop: the Downing site?  God, it’s not even 11:30 yet.

11:03 Omg five Tab points to me, here they are in silken splendour.

10:42 Update from Team 73, OJ and Felix, who are, shockingly, still in Cambridge: ‘we’re planning to be dining in Leicester square by mid afternoon with the help of donations from College administration. The donation of a yellow bucket from housekeeping has so far been a particular highlight.’

The two boys are in a pair of blue silk kimonos. Five Tab points if you can send us a snap…

10: 38 BLOGGING LIVE FROM RAG HQ! Teams seem to be making some progress, and my jumper is almost completely dry.


9:36 Urgh have put on wet jumper in haste to get to RAG HQ. See you on the other side, and in the meantime keep those updates coming! An exciting film of the teams breaking out of Parker’s Piece to follow soon…

9:30 Slight worry for Jailbreaker Alex Woolf, who has tweeted that he’s standing alone in Cambridge dressed in a superman costume. First of all, Alex, you should have definitely reached the border by now. Secondly, where’s your team mate?! Man down already, it seems.

9:13 Already the requests have started! Chris Powers has made the bold decision to ask Carol Vorderman for help.

Here’s hoping she’ll at least be able to engineer you to Dover, Chris…

9:08 Possibly a good moment to remember the words of one-time Jailbreaker Ben Dalton, who called Jailbreak ‘some of the worst 36 hours of my life.’ Thoughts and prayers to the participants.

9:07 I wonder who has made it out of England yet.

9:00 GO!

8:55 Our first picture is in! This is of the Murray Edwards contingency looking to get further out of Cambridge than Castle hill – more to follow shortly! And word just in that we managed to even film some of the contestants as they prepared to flee..

8:51 Good morning all! This is Mollie here reporting on the first part of the Jailbreak action.

The day has arrived. The sun has risen. Everyone’s managed to get their shoes on, and the atmosphere is heating up on Parker’s Piece as our teams get ready to break out in their goal to get as far away Cambridge as they possibly can.

It’s a healthy 8 C, and we’re wishing all the teams the best of luck.

We’re looking for this year’s live blog to be more interactive than ever. If you have any messages of encouragement/ advice/ abuse for the teams on the ground, get in contact with us. Email us at [email protected]tweet us @tabcambridge or use the hashtag #ragjailbreak2014

9 minutes to go.