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INTERVIEW: What it’s really like to pose naked for RAG

Frostbite, baby oil and unsuspecting milkmen

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Jailbreak is changing – and you can sign up now

Gone are the days of shamelessly collecting money of strangers to bag a cheeky pair of flights

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Catch up on the highlights


Follow all the teams’ antics here, as they race to beat Oxf*rd in this year’s RAG LOST

Today is your last chance to sign up for RAG LOST

Escape the bubble without spending a penny of your own money, all whilst getting a hit of altruism

Cambridge student’s campaign for refugees goes national

SolidariTee is coming to a university near you

LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2k17

36 Hour coverage of Cantabs fleeing the bridge for charity

Cambridge has the capacity to make a real difference

Students at Cambridge have a powerful voice which can help to shape the world

Simplifying what we can’t

A response to Giving What We Can

Cambridge’s Homeless Problem

The issues surrounding homelessness in Cambridge aren’t as simple as they may seem

Substituting note burning for people lovin’

Bring justice, legally

Review: How to lie and get away with it

Show business, baby.

Pink Week 2017: ‘Putting the fun in fundraising!’

A look into one of the biggest charity events in Cambridge.

EXPOSED: Cambridge Charity Fashion Show funds ILLEGAL charity

The committee checked their Instagram followers, not their finances.

CHARITY THEFT: £700 stolen from RAG office

Three “charity boxes” were stolen.


Keep up with all the action as stranded Cantabs compete against The Other Place to make it back first.

Cambridge Blues bare all in RAG charity calendar

Blue balls out for charity

The Grantchester Meadows: the new garden party hotspot?

In Pictures: ChariTea Garden Party 2016

Pembroke cyclists raise £6000 for a refugee MPhil

24 Pembroke students made the 85 mile cycle from Oxford to Cambridge; here’s their story of blood, sweat, and malfunctioning bike chains

SLAUGHTERHOUSE SIMULATOR coming to Sidgwick site

This will probably get a lot of people’s tails in a twist.