Lembit On The Lash In Lola (Again)

Lembit gets down with Cam students during a heavy night on the town.

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Lembit Öpik has been caught lola-lashing. . .again.

The former Lib-Dem MP seemingly can’t get enough of Cambridge students and our buzzing nightlife.

Mr Öpik had been speaking at a Union debate on Celebrity culture before heading out for a big night on the town.

Understandably, the Twitter-sphere went into overdrive. Lembit graciously congratulated Jordan, who had also been speaking, on her oral prowess.

He described his evening as “hugely enjoyable” and, perhaps ominously, said “look forward to the next one!” Watch out Cambridge.

Tab Features Editor James Mitchell was lucky enough to get a pic with the man himself

Reaction in Lola Lo was slightly mixed. Understandably, many questioned what a 48 year old was doing in the club. One onlooker told The Tab: “He’s a bit of a bellend really, in the nicest possible way. Bit like a tragic Dad.”