Fifty Shades of Blue: Part 2

Our erotic fiction returns, and it’s heating up…

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Cindies is dripping with sweat. The couple of glasses of wine I’ve had are nowhere near enough for me to tolerate a random guy grinding against me. I didn’t even know it was possible to grind to Rebecca Black. It’s not even Friday.

I push my way out past a guy in white tie shouting, ‘You can’t kick me out, I’m in the Pitt Club you fucking pleb.’ I have to get out of here.

There’s a motorbike outside blocking my way. I plan to squeeze through the gap to its side, but as I walk towards it the rider dismounts and removes his helmet. I stall. It’s Dr Blue.

My Tutor is standing in front of me in a leather jacket, his blonde hair tousled from the helmet. He looks delicious!

‘Georgina Skye,’ he says, holding his hand towards me. ‘I seem to remember we didn’t do this properly last time. Call me Maximillan.’

I take his hand – his grip is hard and firm. He doesn’t let go. ‘Let me take you home, Georgina.’ It isn’t a question; he’s already behind me, placing the helmet over my head. He pulls the straps tight, hurting me slightly. I don’t complain as he helps me on, before inserting himself in front of me on the seat.

‘Hold on tight,’ he orders, turning the key in the ignition. ‘Put your hands around my waist. I don’t want you falling off.’

We set off, snaking through the dark Cambridge streets. He is careful not to go too fast, but speeds up to pass the rabble of students outside the Van of Death. Then, all too soon we’re back at College. He turns down a side entrance I didn’t know existed. It leads to a small car park marked ‘Fellows only’.

Dr Blue parks the bike, and we both climb off. He unfastens the straps of the helmet which have been biting into my skin, and lifts it slowly off my head. My hair must look awful!

We stand facing each other for what feels like ages. His blue eyes are unblinking, rapidly breaking my resolve to thank him and leave. Instead I take a step towards him, heart pounding in my chest as I lean to kiss him.

At first, he doesn’t respond. I am about to turn and run away when I feel his hand yanking down on my hair so that my face is forced back up to his lips. The pain is surprisingly arousing. I moan as his tongue slides against mine, making me weak at the knees. I have never been kissed like this.

Then, suddenly, he draws back, leaving me wanting and breathless. ‘I’m sorry, Georgina,’ he says, and before I have a chance to register what’s happening he’s walking away.

Soon I am standing outside his door again. As I reach for the handle, I’m startled out of my skin by a hissing noise. I lock eyes with the college cat, judging me from below. I catch my breath before turning the handle and stepping inside.

‘You shouldn’t have followed me,’ he murmurs, a grave expression on his face. ‘You don’t know what you’re letting yourself in for.’

I walk towards him, careful not to trip on the carpet again. I bite my lip suggestively before speaking. ‘I’m here to find out.’

My words are like a trigger. He pulls me towards him, one hand yanking my dress over my head, the other unfastening my bra. He’s certainly done this before! I remove his t-shirt eagerly, running my hands along his toned chest. I hope he hasn’t noticed my Bridget Jones-style knickers.

He thrusts me up onto his desk, pushing my legs apart as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

‘Are you going to make love to me?’ I ask, the words sounding unintentionally childish.

‘I don’t make love, Georgina. I fuck… hard.’

His trousers are off now and I can see his erection bulge beneath his boxer shorts. I’m definitely not ready for that.

‘Stop,’ I moan as he starts to pull down my knickers. ‘I have to tell you something. I’m a virgin.’

He stops immediately, his eyes widening. ‘That changes things.’

‘I still want to… do it,’ I say nervously.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes,’ I answer, and my inner goddess growls.

‘Ok Georgina, I’m going to make love to you.’

‘I thought you didn’t make love. I thought you fucked hard.’ I swallow, my eyes lowered as I wait for his reply.

‘For you I’ll make an exception.’

Dr Blue lifts me off the desk and carries me across the room to a door at the back I hadn’t noticed before. We go through, and he throws me onto the four-poster bed on the other side.

Before I know it he’s taken off my knickers and his face is between my legs. Oh my – they didn’t mention this in the freshers’ handbook! His tongue moves over me, and I gasp; the pleasure is indescribable. Soon my entire body is convulsing as I come, everything downthere clenching over and over.

‘I need to be inside you, Georgie,’ Dr Blue says, surfacing.

He removes his boxer shorts, his erection springing free as he reaches for his bedside table, pulling out a condom. He opens the foil packet with his teeth and rolls it onto his considerable length… Will it? How?

He spreads my legs apart and enters me. I cry out and he groans into my mouth.

‘You ok?’ he asks.

I nod, and he begins to thrust, slamming deeper and deeper inside. I feel so full.

‘Come for me, Georgie,’ he cries, and I unravel at his words, exploding into climax.


The next morning I do the walk of shame back to my room. My body is aching all over, but my inner goddess struts the stride of pride.

Fifty Shades of Blue will continue next week.