CUSU Goes Old-school

Rosalyn Old is officially fit. And officially CUSU president next year.

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Robinson student Rosalyn Old won the election to become CUSU President late last night, beating Akilah Jeffers into second place, in a vote which attracted the highest turnout for a decade.

In results which strongly echoed The Tab’s Fit President poll(where she took a stonking 68% of the vote), Old dominated the contest, taking almost 50% more of the votes than her nearest rival. Left wing candidate Ben Gliniecki was a distant third.


After winning Old told The Tab that she was “thrilled to have won”, although it is not fully known whether this was regarding the CUSU election or Fit President.

The President elect continued that she was “keen to get started on planning the policy and campaigns that I included in my manifesto, to be ready to get going straight away when we come into office.”

Second place Jeffers had 200 votes deducted after it was deemed that she broke campaigning rules by promoting herself on Facebook to people who she was not friends with. However, even these extra votes would not have been enough to help her become president.

In all 4,364 students voted in the elections, a turn-out of 20.4% and the second highest ever, only behind 2003’s election, which saw an extra 36 ballots cast.

Old was quick to point out the role of The Tab in raising the turn-out. When we asked her about Fit President, she told us that “it got a lot of people engaged with the CUSU elections, who might not have realised it was happening otherwise”.

When asked how it felt to win the inaugural Fit President poll Old humbly responded: “I guess it’s a compliment!?”

In the other CUSU sabb elections, Sidney Sussex’s Dom Weldon won the fight to be Co-ordinator, while Susy was voted in as Women’s officer.

Langsdale, who is not our biggest fan, told The Tab that she was “just really excited. I’m looking forward to carrying on Ruth’s great work with the Women’s campaign as well as and helping to add my own direction to it.”

Sam Wakeford, Chris Page and Vicky Hudson were all successful took the roles of Education officer, Welfare and Rights Officer and Access Officer respectively.