Chris Page

“I’m going to rape and murder you”- Abuse in Cambridge

One Cambridge student has suffered through a year of bizarre abuse, and he’s not staying silent any longer.

Comments Disabled

A one off stand-up show loosely themed around disability, Comments Disabled offered an enjoyable evening that was the right balance between light-hearted and thought-provoking.

PETA Pitted Against Petting Zoo

Animal rights group PETA has voiced strong concerns over CUSU’s upcoming bunny bonanza.

GU Petition Reaches Magic Number

The Graduate Union plunges deeper into chaos as a vote of confidence against current president, Arsalan Ghani, receives the backing of an online petition.

CUSU Goes Old-school

Rosalyn Old is officially fit. And officially CUSU president next year.

Review: She Stoops to Conquer

ABI BENNETT: ‘I hate to fall in the typical trap of the Cambridge reviewer and award a play three stars, but unfortunately this play fell into the typical Cambridge trap of being average.’