Charlie Lyons Hits Big Time

Familiar Cantab Charlie Lyons has become huge and is now the star of car commercial.

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Cambridge cult hero and suave man-about-town Charlie Lyons has finally hit the media big time.

Charlie, who made his name interviewing pissed-up partygoers for VarsiTV’s Cindies Stories, has landed a prime television role in a commercial for Kia Motors.

The ad is shown before ITV’s car-crash television phenomenon Take Me Out, and sees our Charlie playing to his strengths.

Sporting a cravat and the floppiest of floppy hair, he pulls out the foolproof chat-up line “I’m not really this tall, I’m just sitting on my wallet.” Magic.


Is that a wallet in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Lyons is still held in fond memory at Cambridge after graduating two years ago. Nick Marshall, Trinity second year said “Cindies Stories was an absolute cracker of a show. I’ve got so much time for Charlie Lyons, I hope he goes on to do great things.”

Whether Lyons can go on to match the television heights of Varsity chums Paxo and Sir David Frost remains to be seen.