“Blackface” Bop Blunder

Homerton students were warned not to black up for a bop last night.

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Homerton students were warned not to black up for a bop over the weekend.

Homerton Union of Students President Ben Wheawell told his college that “turning up in ‘blackface’ will not be permitted.”

“…please, please be respectful… HUS would like to emphasise that this is a chance to have a bit of fun, not to be ethnically or religiously offensive!”

The Homerton Union of Students was forced to send an email to undergrads after they received a complaint from one student who was concerned with the inappropriate possibilities of Saturday’s Stereotypes Bop.

Were students actually going to go in racist fancy-dress?

The Bop was advertised on Facebook with the theme of “Stereotypes (any).” But not all Homertonians were happy with the idea.

Second year English and Education student Rosie Keep told The Tab “I think it’s really important that the JCR reconsider the theme – if it offends anyone it’s surely not in the spirit of a bop.”

HUS committee members declined to comment in phone conversations with The Tab.

In response to emailed questions, HUS issued a statement saying “We received a valid complaint from one student. The student, along with senior college officials, was entirely happy with our response.

“We trust Homerton students to make use of the theme in the good-natured way it was intended…”

Still, fresher George Newman said “I’m really disappointed. It has dashed my plans to go as a Victorian chimney sweep.”

Homerton students have been warned. Last year Emmanuel had the same problem and had to change their “Fire in the Red Light District” theme after allegations of glamourising prostitution.