Total Shit Ed’s

A plumbing failure at St Edmund’s has left residents, including young children, in frozen, unsanitary conditions.

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St Edmund’s found itself in the shit this weekend, as a faulty pump has left much of the college without adequate plumbing.

Unable to cope with the cold temperatures, the Norfolk building, the largest in the college, has been without running water for 48 hours. Much of the college’s family accommodation has met the same fate.

Most shockingly, toilets in the Norfolk building haven’t been flushed over the weekend, despite the CR holding its May Ball launch party on Saturday night. Efforts by Eddie’s to close off the toilets were met with limited success, as with more revellers than usual the party left the toilets in the eye of a storm on Sunday morning.

The backed up bogs mean residents are still  faced with potentially serious hygiene problems, especially with St Edmund’s offering accommodation to families with babies and children on-site.

Shivering students have also been forced to brave the cold conditions just to fill kettles and were trekking across snow and ice to have showers in other buildings.

A source described the situation as “really scandalous”, and said that “the conditions in the main building are completely unsanitary.”

“I think it is pretty dire that students are living in conditions like this.”

This isn’t the first shortage from St Ed’s, as students have previously been left without hot water for days at a time. Now students will be hoping the plumbing is fixed before the it really hits the fan.

A college receptionist said he hoped the facilities would be working again by later today.

This article originally reported that broken pipes, not a faulty pump, caused the water outage; and that St Edmund’s had previously left students without all water, rather than just hot water. Efforts have been made to acknowledge college’s response to the incident.

These points were corrected following a complaint from a member of college.