Admit it, cycling in Cambridge is shit

‘Careful, it’s a one-way system’


VOTE NOW: We didn’t include Land Economy, just to make things a bit more interesting


Nothing wrong with a bit of negativity.

Why Catholic culture at Cambridge makes me wish I were Catholic

Catholic culture at Cambridge is super helpful. Did you know that they have an oven at Fisher House? That you can use for pizza?

Party pooper gets Queens’ bops banned by pooing all over bathroom

It’s a classic case of poodunnit

Hiding from the law

Idk even know what I’m doing any more

Review: Hell of a Life

MARK DANCIGER does not rate this tired and badly paced show.

Is this the end for Western culture?

Murray Edwards student Carina Tyrrell’s video for the Miss World competition is probably one of the most soul-crushing things you will ever watch.

BREAKING: Cantab arrested for brutal Hong Kong murders

Recent grad, rower and CLIO secretary Rurik Jutting is arrested following horrific double sex worker murder in Hong Kong

Halloween? More like Halloshit

PAIGE SMEATON tells you why you should hate Halloween


EMILY MARR is left uncomfortable by a play that completely misses the point.

Shit College: Peterhouse Vs Corpus

Our first battle of term proves small does not always means beautiful

The Penelopiad: Edinburgh Preview

ELOISE DAVIES chats to Alex Cartlidge and Marthe de Ferrer about funding, feminism and insularity, ahead of the opening of their show at the Fringe.

Cantabrigians are stupid too

It’s not all Nobel prizes and political glory amongst our alumnae. ELOISE DAVIES wants you to choose the worst of the worst.

Shit College: Christ’s Vs Queens’

We bring you the opportunity to callously judge some of the worst of the worst of Cambridge architecture.

I’d rather be at any other Uni than Cambridge

Cambridge is shit. Let’s stop kidding ourselves


SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN thinks this production has some way to go.

Tab tries: Eschatology

Lent is over, but it’s probably too late to save the sanity of ALDERMAN MEGGARTY.

Worst Cambridge College: Vote Now!

It’s boring when a college is brilliant. It takes much more guile to be really rather rubbish. Cast your vote for the worst college in Cambridge!

Law Loos Left Unloved

A complaint has been sent to all lawyers after students are failing to flush.