Leah Wild

Leah Wild
Cambridge University


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REVIEW: Duchess of Malfi

Gorgeous acting, gorgeous colours, everything was beautiful.

REVIEW: Dropouts!

This humorous show with Pembroke Cellars roots has not lost the sense of what originally gave the group so much charm.

REVIEW: Pinefish

A hair-raising solo debut I’d be Keane to see at any point on my Callander, even around Christmas.

Wine Whine

Gone are the days when my drink of choice was “whatever’s cheapest in Iceland”

Why I write for the Tab

To not do so would be regreTABle.

Why Catholic culture at Cambridge makes me wish I were Catholic

Catholic culture at Cambridge is super helpful. Did you know that they have an oven at Fisher House? That you can use for pizza?

Click your heels three times motherfuckers, we’ve arrived

The greatest gift you can give this Christmas is one we all received: the reminder of the reason why we all left in the first place.

Camspeak: the Orwellian language of the Cantab

It’s an elaborate conspiracy to keep you here and never let you leave