Shit College: Peterhouse Vs Corpus

Our first battle of term proves small does not always means beautiful

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Welcome to Shit College.

Each week, we take two contenders, photograph them from the worst possible angle (think selfie outside the Van of Life, for a human equivalent), and present them for your delectation.

Then, in an inspiring democratic contest that could put any American Presidential race to shame, we ask YOU to vote for the champion.

Got the gist? Let’s meet this week’s contenders…

It’s the battle of the tiddlers: Peterhouse and Corpus Christi.

Ever seen a Chihuahua? An Earwig? A Blobfish?

Then you’ll know that size definitely doesn’t matter when it comes to ugliness.

Though little larger than the average undergraduate room at John’s, both Peterhouse and Corpus still manage the odd moment of architectural monstrosity.

On the plus side, fewer students are forced to see them.

But which is the shittest? Vote now!

CORPUS: bit of a clock up in the beauty department

PETERHOUSE: Victorian slum meets 70s conservatory