Shit College: Christ’s Vs Queens’

We bring you the opportunity to callously judge some of the worst of the worst of Cambridge architecture.

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You’ve all seen Fit College.

The problem is, often the prettiness of the buildings in our esteemed university doesn’t live up to the prettiness of the students living inside them. With this in mind, we have decided to bring you a celebration of some of the ugliest architecture in Cambridge. Every college has a 1960s nightmare hidden away somewhere, and we are here to bring them into the light and pit them against each other, in a battle to the bitter end.

This week, in a fight for the honour of their colleges, we see Christ’s and Queens’ modern blocks come head to head. Who emerges unscathed? You decide.

Part dismal holiday resort, part minor government department. Does the Christ’s typewriter get your vote?

Or does Queens’ stilted monstrosity win your heart?