Power Cut Panic at John’s

Students and John’s and Trinity were hit with an extended power cut last night, cutting off internet access and cancelling formal hall.

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An extended power cut last night caused chaos at John’s. 

Since 6pm last night students had no electricity.

Disgruntled Johnians are dealt with no power, no internet and no dinner. Formal Hall was cancelled and the Buttery was also closed.

Second year geographer Nick Marshall has been experiencing some technical difficulties thanks to the outage.

Artist’s impression

“I’m having a torrid time,” says Nick. “My degree has been put on hold during the blackout, as internet failure has limited my use of Wikipedia.”

“To add insult to injury, my new MacBook Pro and iPad 2 have run out of battery.” Sad times for all involved.

Power was restored to the colleges by this morning, however.

Although students were deprived of the internet for a whole evening, it wasn’t all bad.

Third year economist Ciaran Rogers said that “it’s pretty shocking that there’s no power. But we managed to put some energy back into the evening with a game of next level hide and seek in the library.”