My problem with food

Our author tries to make things better for other sufferers of eating disorders by telling it how it is.

How To Survive Hall

Come 6pm, most Cambridge halls get quite serengheti. This doesn’t mean however that you would be better off with your bag of Hovis and petite marm…BRYONY GLOVER tells us how to stake your territory and survive hall.

Oxford Students on Buttery Boycott

Magdalen is on strike after the governing body imposes a massive charge on students.

Power Cut Panic at John’s

Students and John’s and Trinity were hit with an extended power cut last night, cutting off internet access and cancelling formal hall.

Leaf’s Lunches: Sidney Sussex

This week LEAF ARBUTHNOT is in Sidney Sussex, hungry and possibly kicking small children.

Tab Tries: Working Formal Hall

Soup, Serbia and absolutely no spillages: LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes her passion for the buttery one step further and works a shift as a waitress at formal hall.

Leaf’s Lunches: Selwyn

This week LEAF ARBUTHNOT is at Selwyn, where she uncovers the solution to all your dessert dilemmas.

The Vegetarian And The Steak

“Aged eleven, I had an epiphany over a lamb burger; a sudden repulsion at the sight of this mangled, minced and oozing meat.” IZZY PRITCHARD, dedicated veggie, swaps diets with a carnivorous companion for a day. Read how they got on here.

Why Today We Must Remember to Remember

Associate Editor LOTTIE UNWIN bemoans the lack of respect shown today for the fallen.

Tab Tries – Living Well Within Your Means

KATIE MAIR’s task was to live off £3 a day for three days. Read how she got on here.