Jailbreak 2012 – The Results

The results are in – see who won Jailbreak 2012!

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Matilda and Matthew of intrepid Team 111 won this year’s RAG jailbreak after reaching Singapore, a staggering 6705 miles from Cambridge.

The pair, who managed to reach Singapore told the jailbreak team that they had a “surreal” experience. As of this evening, they’re enjoying a traditional Singaporean breakfast watching the sunrise. Alright for some.

The distance was 782 miles further than their closest rivals for the victory, Team 110’s Laurence and Johann, who reached Hong Kong.

In the land race Team 150 (Daisy and Husein) narrowly beat Team 33 (Sam and Julia), reaching Murcia in Spain, just 35 miles further than their nearest competitors who made it to the Polish town in Suwalki.

Around the world, Around the world…

They win BigFishEnts VIP cards whilst the overall winners receive tickets to the Robinson May Ball.

But also deserving of a mention are the hardcore Team 159, who made it as far as central London by running.

Other faraway destinations this year included Dubai, Istanbul, New York, Miami and Helsinki, as jailbreakers travelled further than ever before to raise money for Cambridge RAG.

However, inevitably some failed to make it as far as they would have liked, as some teams remained in Britain for the whole 36 hours, including Tab Editor Kieran Corcoran.

Kieran had a bit of a tough time trying to make it out of Gatwick. He texted in that “Gatwick airport is a cruel mistress, and with less than an hour’s sleep per (drooping) head” it was curtains for Kieran. Better luck next year.

Kenton Whitehall on the Jailbreak Committee says that 2012 was “the biggest ever” year for the event, and was also the most “successful” to date. It’s pretty impressive that Jailbreakers clocked up 100,000 miles between them and visited over 28 countries. Not bad for just 36 hours.

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The complete results for all 150 teams can be found on RAG’s website.