Cambridge Union Shouts for Cindies

Last night the Cambridge Union witnessed a highly-charged debate on the future of Cindies and what it means to students.

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The fate of our clubs was on Cambridge’s lips again last night as emergency speakers at the Cambridge Union battled it out over the motion “This House Would Sell Its Soul To Save Cindies.”

The motion was the emergency debate before the annual comedy debate between the Oxford Revue and Cambridge Footlights.

Variously described as a mother, a utopia, heaven, hell and “the pinnacle of life at Cambridge,” Cindies received praise all round.

Blue alcopop in hand, The Tab‘s Joe Bates eloquently argued that Cindies is far more integral to the Cambridge experience than a soul, and is also an indispensable romantic proving-ground for the great minds of the future.

Sly opposition speakers ended up speaking in defence of the club too, claiming that our souls are too impure to rescue Cindies, or that there are better ways to preserve our favourite night spot.

In accordance with Union tradition, emergency debates are won by the audience shouting “aye” or “noe” for their preferred side. In a shock turnaround, the opposition’s ingenious arguments just about carried the evening, but all speeches were a testament to Cambridge’s devotion to its spiritual home.

After the debate Selwyn English second-year Grace Brown told The Tab: “it was clear from speakers on both sides just how close the issue is to the hearts of Cantabs.

“Cindies is a Cambridge institution and everyone’s prepared to defend it.”

Concern for its vital role in uni life has been at an all-time high since its parent company folded, placing the Cambridge favourite at risk. Sister club Life is in the same boat, but both hopes are high for both clubs after they survived an initial cull by owners Luminar.

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